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If Hillary was president, the Democrats and their sycophantic media would be singing her praises for America’s booming economy.  Because it is a Republican that is president, they are trying to credit Obama.  Hillary, who accused Trump of suggesting he wouldn’t accept the results of the 2016 election when he lost, has been in denial ever since her defeat.  She still thinks America should be a democracy.  The reason America is not is that in a democracy the people are easily corrupted.

The Athenians learned over two thousand years ago that democracy doesn’t work.  The Romans founded a republic and, thank God, the Founders made America a republic where ballot box stuffing by blue states with illegal voters can be squashed by the Electoral College.  This economy would not have skyrocketed had Hillary won to continue Obamaism of shaking down businesses, squandering taxes, and advancing the cause of leftism.  Democrats strive to unmake America, overthrow the Constitution, and remake America as a democratic socialist dictatorship.  This is national socialism in action.

Even as Obama keeps trying to take credit for Trump’s booming economy, Biden keeps saying the Middle Class was left out of the tax cuts and are not feeling the recovery.  Tell that to the coal miners who were shut down by Obama.  Tell that to the steelworkers who were told by Obama their jobs were never coming back.  Tell that to people who had to pay ObamaCare penalty taxes.  Tell that to people who know they paid thousands less in taxes in 2018 than last year.  Tell that to seniors whose Social Security Democrats want to give away to illegal aliens.  Tell that to police and firemen whose benefits are being raided by Democrats to pay for illegal aliens in their sanctuary cities.  Taxpayers who are not “feeling it” live in blue states where Democrat taxes are crushing them.

Democrats have always been the cause of economic decline.  From raising taxes in the 1910s and 1930s to crushing regulations under LBJ and Carter to misappropriated spending by Clinton and Obama.  Obama was part of the Democrat-controlled Congress that torpedoed the mortgage loan industry in 2008 using Clinton regulations to cause the crash and blamed Bush.  It was Obama, not Bush, who signed the first trillion-dollar deficit.  It was Obama who shelled out a trillion taxpayer dollars six years in a row to Wall Street without passing a spending bill or publishing a congressional budget.  It was Obama who funded the Muslim Brotherhood to create the Islamic State whose goal was to overthrow Middle East governments and re-establish the Caliphate.  It was Obama who pulled U.S. troops out of Iraq to open the way for jihadis.  It was Obama who cut military spending and exhausted ordnance on a faux bombing campaign that lasted for years.

Republican vs. Democrat Policies

Trump bombed ISIS out of existence in just six months.  If a Republican had wasted ten trillion taxpayer dollars and hogtied the military to keep them from killing the enemy, the leftist media would have gone ballistic instead of concealing the truth.  But patriots knew the country had elected a Moslem communist to establish national democratic socialism as a dictatorship, and all they could do was hope a Republican stood up to declare he would stop them.  Donald Trump did, and Democrats have waged a rabid war against America since his election attempting a coup while raging in public.

Nothing comes out of Democrat’s mouths except lies and slander.  They have nothing to offer the people in their “progressive” policies except to go backward to Obamaism.  President Trump still has an uphill battle to win the war against the left or let America fall.  If he doesn’t bring the insurgents to justice, then Democrats will use massive voter fraud by illegals and criminals seeded in swing states to regain power and overthrow the Constitution.

China will never make a trade deal with Trump so long as Democrats are free to run wild undermining him with promises to undo his policies once they are back in power.  This treason of the Logan Act must be prosecuted if this nation is to have any hope of compromising a fair deal with China.  Trump currently cites RINOs who say Republicans don’t persecute defeated political opponents, while Democrats not only persecute Republican losers, they persecute Republican winners.  In other words, Democrats are the party of criminal persecution throughout the history of this country.  And when they can’t persecute, they go to war.

Democrats are lawless

Democrats hold America in Contempt Convicting the Innocent

Democrats holding AG Barr in Contempt of Congress is not the same as when Republicans held AG Holder in contempt.  Holder violated the law refusing to produce documents of his Fast & Furious Gunrunning scandal supplying Mexican drug cartels with heavy firearms.  Obama extending executive privilege over him was a violation of executive privilege.  Barr was held in contempt for upholding the law Democrats wrote regarding release of Grand Jury testimony after Clinton’s impeachment so that salacious information and gossip did not unnecessarily smear subjects.

In this case they are asking for gossip about Trump and he has every right to extend executive privilege over that.  So, Democrats saying that their call for Barr to resign is equivalent to Republicans saying Holder should have resigned for being held in contempt is just another of their twisted moral equivalencies.  The Democrats have gone insanely nuclear in the wake of the collapse of their coup with the revealing of their collusion/obstruction fraud.

These America haters want to go back to Obamaism’s taxes, regulations, and energy crushing policies again stagnate America’s economy.  The moment Trump won the presidency everyone knew Obamaism was at an end.  The Stock Market skyrocketed five thousand points before he was even inaugurated.  Obama & Co. strive to take credit for this boom, but everyone knows his lies.  The Stock Market wouldn’t have gone above ten thousand were it not for Obama pumping a trillion dollars of borrowed taxpayer dollars as “stimulus” each year making our children debt slaves.  Obama shut down America energy and steel production to allow America’s enemies to produce them and be the benefactors.  Meanwhile, Obama depleted the U.S. military as China is building up theirs.  How will America compete when its steel and energy comes from their opposition?  This is a deliberate effort by the left to disarm the USA in the face of communist aggression.

America’s future is grim

If Trump doesn’t get in gear and prosecute the swamp rats in Washington who have created the fictions and slanders that Republicans are racist Nazis, he can expect to be destroyed when he leaves office, which may happen in 2021.  Biden has taken the lead by openly shunning socialism that most Americans recognize this as the road to hell.  But so is the empty promise of progressivism that is socialism concealed by lies.  He is promising to bring America back to Obamaism and put America back on track to be a lesser nation of the New World Order.  He is perfectly happy giving the vote to criminals and foreign invaders to unseat citizen power founded in republicanism.

Democrats are coming up with plans to buy votes with slave reparations for people who were never slaves to be paid by people who never owned slaves.  They promise students to abolish their loan debt.  They say they will fix the economy that doesn’t need fixing to “make it fair.”  They offer amnesty to immigrants who entered the country illegally so they can vote.  They punish Republicans, gun owners, and businesses with taxes and regulations and seek to criminalize the righteous.  They persecute Christians while protecting Islamists.

This is how socialists sucker the people into giving them power.  Socialism puts power in the hands of the government.  Capitalism puts power in the hands of the people.  No company ever built a gulag or concentration camp.  But give socialists power and they will open concentration camps to punish their political enemies and oppress the people.  The only way to overthrow socialist dictatorships is by violent revolution, which often fails.  This should never happen in America – except that 40% of the population now openly supports leftist fascism.  Denial that it could ever happen here is being exposed as foolishness as we are watching it happen before our eyes as leftists openly take power in the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party.

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