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America is the home of the founders. Today their; our home is full of interlopers, those who occupy but show little or no relationship to the founders. The occupiers are to the Left and to the Right. Some are called Moderates. Observation shows their hands are full of anything but gratitude; for they grasp tightly weapons of destruction. Most weapons are not what they appear to be. In the right hands and in their proper form they would accomplish much good. But in the wrong hands their invention becomes only a hint of what could have been.

The shadowy form of nuclear energy is the atom, hydrogen, or neutron bomb. The cleaver prepares food. Its mere shadow portends waste for carrion fowl and beast. Dynamite clears a path for tunnel and highway. But in its pocket at the deep end of a rifled cannon barrel it presses death toward shores full of cities and people. People are shadows when they possess no gratitude. They bear no resemblance to their Father; but merely lend a tint to what He knows could have been. Many a citizen of America has become a lackluster imitation of what the founders dreamed could have been also.

Weapons of terror are of a different class than the weapons described above. The weapon of a terrorist is a shadow of a shadow; the illicit playing on the imagination of innocent folk to make it appear the future contains no good, but only evil. Myth stories around the globe contain heroes who eventually win; revealing the good conquers evil, eventually, through effort and favor. The instilling of hopelessness in the hearts and minds of his victims is the aim of the terrorist. No heroes live in his world, only enemies. The terrorist, empty of gratitude, lobs his weapons of hopelessness (for they never had a use for good in the first place) to unbind the home, exposing it to the frights and terrors of imaginations that rule the night.

The Left, we have to hand it to them, has developed an array of weapons of terror that have little to do with bombs, grenades, or bullets. Their innovative minds have developed the use of more abstract shadows of shadows such as their charges of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and genderphobia against innocents. We know in this post-racist and post-sexist age there are no racists and sexists. Additionally we know the people charged with homophobia, xenophobia, or genderphobia are not irrationally, disturbingly scared of any of the people these terms reference. The accused simply oppose their lawlessness and purposes for evil in a world intended for the good. Nonetheless these new weapons of the terrorist are quite effective, have been for awhile; to the extent their mere threat of implementation or menacing sends the sons and daughters of the founders running for cover. We’ve even observed white flags hoisted by our so-called leaders, prior to any mention or hint of a threat.

Now for the good part, the hard part, the part the #NeverTrump people don’t want to hear, won’t be able to understand or accept unless gratitude for our founders resides somewhere within their hearts and minds. Those who hold the weapons of a terrorist are terrorists. Those who charge their opponents with racism, sexism, homophobia, and the like are terrorists armed with the weapons of a terrorist. Those who use the weapons of a terrorist against a common foe are indistinguishable from each other. Terrorists at this moment in time are not confined to the Left. They are exposing their positions across the political spectrum, from far Left to far Right. Those who look to the founders with gratitude will take this hard saying, drop their weapons of terrorism, and rally around every American they can find, whether they seem offensive to them or not.

Having difficulty distinguishing Americans from their imposters? Look for an evidence of gratitude. Any at all should do. Look in their hands. Hope they are empty of weapons that even at their best, never held a promise of accomplishing any amount of good.


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