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A few weeks ago I wrote about dynasty in the United States. Many probably read the piece and felt that, after King George was figuratively thrown out of this great land over two hundred years ago, no chance for any other dynasty to be established. One attribute of dynastic rule is the ability of members of the family to get away with offenses for which any other citizen would get into trouble. Today’s announcement by the FBI Director Comey to exonerate Hillary Clinton of all prosecutable offenses associated with her e-mail scandal, should confirm that all Americans are not equal. This should not be that surprising considering the expertise and connection of the Clintons. Bill Clinton is often referred to as Sleek Willy, because of his ability to wiggle out of personal troubles. The Clintons are very good at what they do and know how best to cover their heels even in a very muddy soil.

For many months pundits have been predicting that Hillary Clinton would definitely be indicted, because the law that governs the handling of government document security does not require any intent of negligence. Her supporters echo the need for intent while her opponents trumpeted only negligence irrespective of intent. Many pointed to cases involving individuals such as Army General David Petraeus and others who had pleaded guilty or are currently in jail for similar or lesser offenses. Petraeus, whose case was best known in modern time, was sentenced to two years probation and $100,000 in fine. Another surprise was that this exoneration was within a week after Bill Clinton had met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Although both of them proclaimed their meeting as coincidental and that the discussions were limited to grandchildren and the likes, most Americans may now start to put two and two together with the popular believe that where there is smoke, there is likely fire. Hillary Clinton agreed that she made a poor judgment and promised never to repeat the same. Both Bill and Loretta also agreed that their meeting was poor judgment and they promised not to do it again.

It is impossible to predict the effect of Director Comey’s declaration on the 2016 race for the White House. Is Director Comey’s action today similar to Chief Justice John Roberts’ rule that upheld the Obamacare by the Supreme Court just before 2012 presidential election? All depend on the spin factors of both Clinton and Trump and the willingness of the national press to fall in line with either of the spins. One thing any observer has to remember is that the Clintons are experts in managing crisis and destroying their opponents. From the Whitewater to before and during White House sex, Benghazi and now e-mail scandals, we must remember that the Clintons have now scored 100% in their favor compare to anyone else in the political history of the United States, from Anew to Nixon. Unlike Nixon, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House, only to avoid conviction by the Senate. The lesson for the nation and any opponent is this: Take the Clintons lightly at the risk of your own demise.


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