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Earlier this week Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) returned to his job in the Senate and told everyone that he PROBABLY wouldn’t be the GOP nominee for President. I’m not sure if this was a mild case of “trolling” or if Senator Cruz truly believes that there is still an outside possibility that he could be chosen as the nominee at the GOP Convention in July.

When asked by a reporter if he’d be making a comeback in the nomination race, Cruz’s response was cryptic, “Listen, we have suspended the campaign. We’ve suspended the campaign because I can see no viable path to victory. Of course if that changed we would reconsider things. But let’s be clear, we’re not going to win Nebraska today. There should be no mystery, no excitement in that. We’ve withdrawn from the campaign and it’s in the hands of the voters. If circumstances change, we’ll always assess changed circumstances, but I appreciate the eagerness and excitement of all the folks in the media to see me back in the ring. But you may have to wait a little bit longer,”

However, Cruz did rule out the possibility of a 3rd Party run, “I am certainly disappointed with the outcome, that I disappointed so many millions of grassroots activists across this country. If you want to know my greatest disappointment, my greatest disappointment is that I wasn’t able to win for them. That I came up short and disappointed their efforts, their time, their passion. That passion is going to continue, the conservative movement, I believe, will only continue to get stronger. I believe the American people are fed up with the disasters of the Obama-Clinton economy. This movement will continue. I will continue to press in the Senate the very same things I pressed for on the campaign trail.”

Cruz carried the same themes from his press conference into an interview with his supporter Glenn Beck.


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