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Where do the schools stand on teaching civics and history? In my lifetime I have seen the teaching of civics dropped, leaving one short course taught as the last required course for graduation. History has been rewritten to omit almost any mention of God.

With civics and government being limited to the last class before graduation, it can become a class to just get through. The election process, the U.S. Constitution, and a brief detail of all government agencies need to be covered.

Religious freedom was a foundation of our country. At least four colonies were founded on religious base. The founding fathers wanted to prevent a state religion like the Church of England, or Catholic Church. In this case it was as much a denomination issue as a religion issue, all could be considered Christian.   We have freedom of not from religion. Besides the rewriting to take God out, prayer and the Bible have been removed.

The founding fathers were smart in how they wrote the constitution because they understood the basic nature of man.  We have had many advances in many fields of life but the nature has not changed, They saw that all power should not be placed in one person, or even just a few,

The other problem with history is that it never stops, but changing or political correctness is not the answer. I am one who believes that if you do not study history you are doomed to repeat it.  Slavery was a fact, treatment of slaves varied. Why can’t we remember people for the good they did and accomplishments? Andrew Jackson is a case in point for me; he was a President, he fought the British in New Orleans, he fought the recharter of the 2nd National Bank. He forced part of my ancestors to  to migrate, The Trail of Tears. How many of the present African-Americans were not ever part of slavery? History can help explain where we are today,

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