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A lot of the politicians and media pundits tell us that corporations are rich, so they should pay high taxes. As Willie Sutton replied, when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is.” But the truth is:

Corporations don’t  PAY taxes, they only collect them for the government.

The people who actually pay them are the ones who buy their products (higher prices), the ones who work for the corporation (lower wages), and the shareholders (lower dividends.) And the shareholders really get taxed twice because their dividends are after the corporation has passed on all that the government demands, and then the government taxes them on the dividends as income.

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When an activity gets taxed we usually get less of it, which is why historically lowering tax rates has resulted in increased tax revenue.

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Our corporate tax rates are among the highest in the world, which is why companies are moving out of the US. Companies are discouraged from moving profits earned elsewhere into the US because our government taxes those profits which have already been taxed where they were earned. Rather than reinvesting in the US economy, multinationals keep their profits in their low-tax jurisdictions.

All of that capital could create jobs and businesses here if our government weren’t so greedy.

So when someone tells you we need to soak these “evil rich corporations” to ease the tax burden on the “hard-working little people,” ignore their input.

They obviously have no idea what they are advocating.

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Educated as a teacher at UCONN, class of 1970. Teacher surplus hit that year, so did a lot of substituting but never got regular position. Have worked security, retail, and direct sales. Spent a few years on the road as an owner-operator in an 18-wheeler, leased to various companies, hauling high value electronics, trade show exhibits, and household goods. Currently retired and active in the Well Armed Woman Shooting Clubs, local Tea Party, and my church. Born again 35 years ago. Active on Facebook and blogging at


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