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Orange County, California, where I live,  is a fairly wealthy area.  The average income is around $82,000 per year.  When I went to my accountant to do my taxes, I asked him about Trump’s tax plan, and he said that all his clients earning less than $200,000 paid less than last year and that all that earned more than $300,000 paid more.  I am self-employed and paid less than I have ever paid.  So, I must conclude that this tax cut for the rich is just another one of the many lies that the media is telling us.

I would like to confirm my conclusion.  Please let me know if you paid more or less this year.  No great analysis, no spin.  Just yes or no, and if you have talked to your accountant, what did he say?  We are constantly being told to think the worst of the present situation, but from my perspective, most everything is getting better.

We are so fortunate to be living in a capitalistic country.  Poverty is almost non-existent, especially to those who want to work.  Work and what is produced is in abundant supply, and we live in the most affluent country and times that the world has ever known.  Prejudice and racism are almost gone for the average American and advancement are available to all.  Although the hoax’s keep coming up, hatred and crime keep dropping, and technology keeps making life easier.  Google Home will even turn on my TV and remind me of my dental appointments.

And yet, the media keeps stirring things up and the politicians refuse to tackle even the simplest problems.  They lie about walls not working but refuse to do anything about our immigration crisis.  They lie about sanctuary cities, while the MS 13 ‘animals’ wreak havoc on our immigrant communities.  Obamacare was a big lie from beginning to the end and it will take years for the medical community to recover from this disaster.  They tell us that guns kill people, but we all know that it is the people that kill people and they refuse to do anything to solve that problem.  They want to limit our speech and think living in 1984 will make things better.

A liberal commentator on TV last week had to admit that most middle-class people were getting a tax break and incomes were going up, but he said that people did not perceive that things were getting better. Whose fault is that?  It’s the media that lie to us constantly.  Why do they do this?  Why do they want to control us?  Don’t listen to them.  The country is getting better and it is already the best it has ever been.  Its time for us to change our thinking to match what is really happening.  It’s alright to be happy and thankful to God.  Love, joy, and peace.

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