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Trump says he will place sanctions and tariffs on countries that will not take foreign nationals back after being deported. In essence he is saying that if you send criminals to us you will pay for our arresting, housing, trying, convicting and jailing them because we will sanction and tariff your goods and the benefits the US provides your country. His plan is simple, makes sense, and the US can do it.

As a matter of fact, if all productive nations affirm their own sovereignty, they will stop Marxism. This system of thought is the reason they can so easily justify parasites and parasitic ideologies. When Marxism is stopped, globalism is stopped, each nation can make their own rules. Each nation will stop being bullied by the globalist pc, social justice and human rights eroders of our culture. Marxism is what has brought this and many other, once great, productive nations to such a sad state.

And the globalist bullies are very, very weak.

Case in point — Honduras, a small, weak, agrarian country was being bullied by the globalists to accept the “Socialismo del siglo XXI” a repackaging of communism. They were led by one traitor, Manuel Zelaya, assisted by the Hillary Clinton state department and financially supported by the OEA, the banks, and other globalist pressure groups who sought communism for Honduras.)

One man, Roberto Micheletti, said you will not change the form of government from republic to “socialist democracy” (communism). He took over the country from a communist, in what some are calling a coup de etat, but others correctly call it a presidential coup, to preserve the Republican form of government. Micheletti simply said NO to the pressures, and that was all it took for the then aspiring global governor, the Spanish Socialist, José Luis Zapatero, to cease, desist, and declare that this was a crisis for global government. Zapatero subsequently lost all his power, clearly showing who were the stringpullers of the globalists — the international banking cartel.

Micheletti was “rewarded” by the Clinton state department by failing to acknowledge his government, and cutting off his money, visa and travel privileges to the US. All for being a patriot to his own country. But Honduras kept the Republican form of government, despite Zapatero, despite Clinton, despite the OEA, despite the banks.

Yes, Trump is right, and his plan is all it takes to regain our sovereignty. The US needs no one. We have all the resources, from sea to shining sea. We can make and back our own money and trade with other sovereign nations.

Once we stop thinking that we must protect the weak, we will make our own weak, unproductive people, strong and productive again. And those countries who follow our lead will also become stronger, more sovereign and more productive. Those who choose to use force without productivity will soon find themselves on the wrong end of their weapons.

We need our military to defend us from aggressor nations, but to convert parasites to productive people, who will exchange value made for value made, we need to think for ourselves and permit no parasites, no hypocrisy, no traitors to our values in our government.

It can be done, and Trump is providing the necessary first steps for a new world made of sovereign nations that will interchange ideas and productive people, in peace. He is giving us 7 years more to find and select the leader that will continue our revolution to sovereignty after 2024.

Hear this, globalist manipulators, we have learned our lessons. Andrew Jackson was right. He killed the privately owned central bank. Our traitors sold it back to the private banks in 1913 which caused our bankruptcy in 1933. But we, the US, will no longer be your private army that kills off our productive youth in interminable world wars that feed only your interests.

This time, we will be truly independent, not slaves to your Marxist monetary schemes for global governance.

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