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For those who have chosen to boycott Target due to their transgender bathroom policy, thank you. It is making a difference.  The boycott needs to continue and grow.

The financial effect has been felt. Earnings are down significantly. However, the liberal agenda cannot be quieted easily. Although Target is spending a lot of money to add single person bathroom facilities, they are not changing their transgender policy. Changing rooms are now co-ed.  Customers can continue to choose which sex they identify with from day to day. This policy of “inclusion” excludes most customers.

If you are not boycotting you may want to join the movement.  There is strength in numbers and the market responds (eventually) to customers. There are other companies that are equally offensive and perhaps we cannot boycott them all. But since Target has been blatantly offensive to traditional values, an effective boycott can send a message to all customer sensitive services.

Perhaps you want to boycott, but don’t find it convenient. Plan your shopping trips to Walmart, etc. Try online shopping ( just not Target ). And most stores have gift registries. Target is not irreplaceable. It is a habit that can be successfully replaced!

From One News Now:

Last week, Target made headlines by announcing it will spend $20 million to add single-stall bathrooms to stores that don’t already have them. But AFA says that’s not new information – and, in fact, says the retailer is being “deceptive” in its use of language.

“Back in May, Target publicized and told us personally … that they were adding single-stall restrooms to the rest of their stores,” spokesman Walker Wildmon says. “We told them when we met with them that this does not address our main concern because their policy still allows men access to women’s restrooms and changing rooms.”

“From the beginning of this boycott, we’ve always stated that we don’t believe transgender individuals are necessarily a threat or a safety concern,” says Walker Wildmon. “It’s sexual predators and voyeurs who will take advantage of this policy to gain access to their victims.”


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