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Day is done, Gone the sun,
From the lake, From the hill,
From the sky.
All is well, Safely rest,
God is nigh.

Many American will be playing Taps in the sunset of January 20, 2017, for it will go down in infamy as the day America lost its soul…

America will fall back to a time long forgotten, where Bigotry is commonplace, racism abounds on the streets, and workers are valued like second class citizens all for the gluttony of the scant. America has misplaced its will to step out of the ice age once again….

On January 20, 2017, several million will watch the inauguration of the next President of the United States. We discern controversy in cabinet choices, Russian entanglement queries, litigation concerning molestation and sexual assault, questionable past, and partners that are more than unworthy of being called innocent of a crime.

We are detecting several #nevertrumpers going black on their social media website icons, and we read of the giving up of the American Spirit. America, the once mighty and powerful has become the silenced, deterred, and insignificant. We watch as Ireland and other allies call out the President-Elect as fascist, and demand plans are made to counter this, while other European countries reverberate this introspection.

The FBI, CIA, NSA, treasury, and JD are investigating the Kremlin tether to America, her politics, and the aspirants for political office. This is unprecedented and damaging to America to have such a lofty delineation of an investigation that includes the cognizant POTUS to descend into office with. The United States Constitution disburses all the crucial factors to this brand of an event but is not self-executing. Where has Russia acquiesced, and at what level do Americans perceive the difference that treason or Patriotism is being displayed appropriately?

Patriotism means standing up for your country and her laws, not supporting without question that of one person or one party. Divisiveness is the spear of a tyrant, bigotry a shield, and lies the specter of the tyrannical leaders that now have infiltrated America, not just as President, but also as political hacks, and politicians. America must encourage the mighty tank of Morality, the automatic weapon of integrity, and the landmine of principle leadership weapons if they are to win this revolution against the tyrannical juggernauts.

The question today is why do Donald Trump’s supporters still lie, connive and hide behind a cloak of invisibility if he is the right choice for America? Is it because he does show signs of a true fascist with a psychotic intemperance to common decency and norms of human relationships?

Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in a quest for the Indies, a noble cause, the Revolutionaries fought to end Tyrannical rule, and for self-determination and freedoms that God so inspired and promised, The civil war fought a battle of morality, and the protests of MLK finished the once began battles. Where has the resilience of the American Spirit departed? Where has the unsophisticated desire of a working citizen gone, only to be replaced with that of a highly volatile and extreme political class of control aberrations?

Today, America is calling out for hope!!! America is calling for the unity of the millions to take up the banner of equality, exceptionalism, morality, integrity, and principles that Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and others displayed on the original parchments….

Today there are not White, Black, Brown or yellow skinned people. Today there are no liberals or conservatives, there are no male or female, but only Americans to stand guard over Liberty, Freedom, and the American dream. Where shall you stand today? The line was made by the political aspirations of the few, now the hopes and dreams of the many must stand up, stand strong, stand united, and say in one voice, America will not tolerate this!!!


iPatriot Contributers


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