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Talk show host Steve Deace gave his followers probably the best case for why Americans should be supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the 2024, instead of Donald Trump.

Deace, who is now with BlazeTV, jumped to his X account (formerly known as Twitter) on Aug. 12 to explain why he was supporting DeSantis for the coming primaries.

Before you get all upset over hurt MAGA feelings, Deace’s first point is important to note. He said he is supporting DeSantis because he thinks the establishment will prevent us all from even being able to vote for Trump in the primaries because they will engineer his elimination either through imprisonment or by making him make a deal not to run to avoid jail.

Anyway, if you want reasons to vote for DeSantis, or you just want some things to say to those who want to know why they should support DeSantis, read this…

Steve Deace:

I’d like to add this personal addendum on why I endorsed @RonDeSantis for president on Friday. The main rationale is what I say in this clip from my Friday show. And I didn’t mention much of what I’m about to say then because I didn’t want anything to take away from my main point: DeSantis has done more damage to our enemies where it matters most (policy) than any politician I’ve seen in my career, and thus earned my (our) support IMO.

Or, to put it more plainly, it is time to not just message and market the MAGA, but to actually do the MAGA.

But there are three other personal reasons I did what I did, which I’d like to explain here.

1) I live in Iowa, the first in the nation caucus state. I’m heavily involved in the process here. To pretend like I’m not involved off-the-air and still have no horse in the race on-the-air, simply isn’t intellectually honest. And I’ve always believed the audience deserves honesty whenever those who are blessed to do what I do for a living can provide it — regarding our true motivations, intentions, etc. — whenever possible.

My overall analysis was already favorable to DeSantis before the endorsement, so I don’t think it will change the show one iota. But now you know for sure where I stand, and can filter my commentary through that lens on your own. I was genuinely surprised to see how much media, national and local, my endorsement generated yesterday. I thought it would be viewed as anti-climactic given my public comments for months.

2. I don’t believe there will be an option to vote for Trump in the 2024 election. Yes, I think he has real electability issues, but even more fundamental than that, I don’t believe they’re going to let you vote for him if you want to. I think he will either be in prison by this time next year, or forced to take a plea deal to stay out of it. I don’t even think anymore they’re trying to get him the nomination, because they think they can beat him. Maybe it started there, but these people can’t restrain themselves. They just want to punish Trump for daring to be our voice. Heck, the DC gulag I’ve been warning about for a year is trying to have him convicted by Super Tuesday. I think they just want to imprison him, by hook or by crook.

There is only one other candidate who truly threatens the system — DeSantis. Now, I think he threatens them even more/better than Trump, so I probably would’ve ended up making this endorsement regardless; if we were going to have a normal cycle. But I don’t think anything about this will be normal, and every day we refuse to recognize the outcome forthcoming here is a wasted day. I see no other path to stop this, since Republicans in Congress won’t defund the weaponized DOJ (which Trump himself is strangely not even asking for), than to win the next election. If Trump isn’t on the ballot, who else has an actual record of draining swamps other than DeSantis? Nobody. Heck, the same Ramaswamy currently auditioning to be Bishop of MAGA just wrote a book — last year — condemning Trump and praising Pence for goodness sakes. Scott is out there saying “build the wall” after years of saying “cops are racists and empty the prisons.” Opportunists abound, but our list of proven allies grows thin, Aragorn.

DeSantis’ campaign is rebounding from an inauspicious start, and has built the most impressive advance organization in my state that I’ve ever seen. I think all of us are going to need him sooner than we realize, so I wanted to do what I could to help grow his momentum now in preparation for that end.

3. We speak in a lot of a existential and apocalyptic language these days on the Right, and I certainly indulge in my share of it, too. Because I absolutely believe we are at win or go home juncture in our history. I fear our window to peaceably but meaningfully push back through the political process is closing, and I don’t want us to fail our children and grandchildren by not taking advantage of that window. Thus, sentencing them to even darker times.

There is only way to accomplish that victory — policy outcomes.

We have already discredited their media. We have already discredited their institutions. We have already discredited their system. The only people that truly trust in such things now are their people. And Trump has played an admirable and vital role in that, for which I am grateful, no doubt.

However, we have exhausted that offensive. The Normies aren’t coming to us via this route. If they weren’t going to rise up against being locked down, rioting in their streets, criminalizing their breathing, mass poisoning via coercion, borders surrendered to drug/human trafficking cartels, and the mutilation of their children — I fail to see how the persecution of Donald J. Trump finally woos them to us.

I was convinced last fall would not just be a red wave, but a red wedding. With the Normies returning home with no Trump on the ballot, so they had no excuses but to see the real evil on our door steps. But that didn’t happen. In fact, not a single meaningful incumbent lost last year, despite the three years of Hell we’d all just been through as a people. If you missed this, and are still claiming you know what time it is, I would kindly ask you to re-check your watch.

There were two places where the Democrat Party was rightfully destroyed — Florida and Iowa. Two places with governors who didn’t surrender their people to generational damage at the hands of Fauci-Birx as Trump did. Two places where landmark #ProLife legislation was enacted. Two places where the groomers were confronted head on and kicked out. Two places with strong leaders displaying strong leadership. And the voters in each of those states, which Barack Obama had just won twice, rewarded that strong leadership by re-electing their Republican Governors by 20 point margins.

On the Right we have forgotten we will either meet the enemy in the arena of public policy, or in the arena of war — that is the lesson of history. There is no middle ground where we just compete with memes and talking points here on whatever this platform is now called into perpetuity, and things organically just change from there. It doesn’t matter if “the left can’t meme” if they can castrate our freaking kids.

If we don’t win on policy outcomes now, we will sentence our children and grandchildren to have to win on the battlefield later. Those are the only two options. Either we are populists or we are not. Either we believe in the will of the people, or we do not.

Well, the populace has spoken, and the will of the people has been expressed three elections in a row now. We can’t win without Normies. We can’t govern without winning. We can’t win on policy without governing. Which means we can’t do any of these things without the Normies.

And the Normies have made it clear — they are tired of the Trump show. They want a new show. They want strong leadership. And no one on the Right this century so far has been a stronger leader than Ron DeSantis. And last November his one-state crushing red wave proved even the Normies agree.

Clearly I have put a lot of thought into this lol. If you’ve made it this far, let me close with this. There is no incentive for me to do this. I’ve probably cost myself incalculable millions of dollars as both an author and movie producer this year by not shilling for Trump. And that’s okay. I’m not rich, but I’ve been able to pay myself a decent enough salary to live a pretty good life in Iowa — even with Let’s Go Brandon tearing everything down in real time. I’ve lived in the same home for the last 17 years, and @AmyDeace
and I are happy to die here.

This won’t get me booked back on shows that have suddenly forgotten I exist. Or finally get me invited to CPAC for the first time, or frankly anywhere on the mainstream conservative speaker circuit. All the incentive for me from a business standpoint was to do the opposite, and suddenly trash/ignore DeSantis now after singing his praises for three years.

I’m not going to work for the campaign, nor have I been offered. I’m not being paid for anything I will decide to do to help like I was with Cruz, nor was I offered. I did tell the governor the other day about a movie I made I’m proud of, and I wouldn’t hate it if he saw it and recommended it to others. That’s it.

I am doing this for no other reason than I think it is the right and necessary thing to do for us, our kids, and our grandchildren.

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Warner Todd Huston

Warner Todd Huston has been writing editorials and news since 2001 but started his writing career penning articles about U.S. history back in the early 1990s. Huston has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business Network, CNN, and several local Chicago News programs to discuss the issues of the day. Additionally, he is a regular guest on radio programs from coast to coast. Huston has also been a Breitbart News contributor since 2009. Warner works out of the Chicago area, a place he calls a "target rich environment" for political news.


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