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A Tale of two Presidents: Part 2

Both Presidents Trump and Obama made their first overseas trips as President to the Middle East, but what a difference there was in the intent and the performance between these two men.
In 2009 Barrack Obama went to the Middle East on what became known justifiably as his, “Apologizing for America Tour.” History will show that President Obama’s performance in his 2009 Middle East tour demonstrated his inexperience, naivety and weakness to the leaders of those countries; or was that just a part of an agenda? As with so many of Obama’s actions, they are open to question.

President Obama’s first stop was in Riyadh Saudi Arabia where he started off his “Apologizing for America Tour” with an embarrassing low bow when greeting the Saudi King. What did this inexperienced man think he was doing? Didn’t Obama or his handlers understand that low bow represented weakness and submission in the minds of the tough and hard Muslim rulers of the Middle East? With that bow, President Obama forecast his political preference for Muslims, as we were to witness during the 8 years of his presidency. I’ll bet every country in the Middle East put their profilers on overtime about then. I sure would like to see some of the Obama profiles that were made then.

President Obama’s next stop on that tour was in Cairo Egypt, where he made it known he was going to give his speech concerning the United States and the Muslim Middle East. He called that speech, “A New Beginning.” As it turned out it should have been labeled a “Disastrous Ending” since it started a political process that temporarily ended our relationship with our ally, Egyptian President Mubarak’s government, a government that had been the first and only Muslim government to recognize the nation of Israel, a government that had been a strong ally with the U.S. in the Middle East for over thirty years, but a government as we were to see, that President Obama scorned.

The process of overturning the Mubarak government didn’t began with Obama’s speech, President Mubarak had other problems, but that speech, as we saw, significantly influenced the inception of an early election in Egypt, an election which the Muslim Brotherhood had long been preparing for and in which the Brotherhood was too far ahead of any other political party to be defeated. That information was readily available and Obama had to be aware of it, Obama chose to ignore those disastrous consequences. President Mubarak’s government was overturned and a Muslim Brotherhood Shira law government took its place. Again was that Obama’s incompetence or his agenda?

Israel is the strongest ally the United States has in the Middle East. President Obama’s speech in Cairo, for a short time, blew that Egyptian/Israeli relationship to pieces; fortunately for our country and the Middle East, it was only a short time until the Egyptian people threw out the terrorist supporting, bungling Muslim Brotherhood government President Obama favored and assisted in installing in Egypt.

The real Tel on what President Obama intended to accomplish with his Cairo speech was to whom he gave a special invitation to be present at that speech. That would be the Muslim Brotherhood. President Obama insisted that not only would the Muslim Brotherhood be included in the audience of that speech, he demanded that at least 10 Muslim Brotherhood members be seated in the front row of the auditorium.

With that insistence, President Obama showed he was willing to publicly challenge the Egyptian government’s conviction that the Brotherhood was a dangerous movement that sponsored violence and terrorism; in addition with that decision President Obama, for the first time in our history, gave de facto presidential recognition to a Middle Eastern terrorists group; as the world saw, It wouldn’t be the last time he committed that dangerous act, i.e. his favored treatment of Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism was just ahead and with it the

Obama/Kerry sinister objective of thrusting a nuclear armed Iran onto the world was guaranteed, unless men with common sense and patriotism can take the required action; incompetence or agenda?

The rulers in Middle Eastern countries only respect strength, toughness and in some cases, grave ruthlessness. None of those rulers would last five minutes in any election in the Western world, but they live in a world that exists with a very different metric. They respect only power and strength. Obama’s 2009 tour displayed neither.

An American President waltzing around the Middle East and apologizing for his country could only appear to them as a man of weakness and vulnerability. It didn’t matter how Obama tried to dress up his comments and shuffle around trying to look good and important. His words and actions in his 2009 tour betrayed any smokescreen of power he attempted to show in the Middle East..

President Obama’s subsequent disastrous actions, example, pulling all American forces out of Iraq only reinforced the contempt most Middle Eastern leaders (including those in Iran) had for Obama’s administration in the next years of his Presidency.

All right that’s enough of President Barrack Obama’s agenda of frailty, ineptness and failed opportunities on his 2009 Middle East junket. Let’s move on.
President Trumps initial Middle East tour:

President Obama began his Middle East trip by low bowing to the Saudi King. President Trump began his Middle East trip by standing tall and shaking hands with the Saudi King; President Trump’s wife Melania, without a head scarf, standing proudly by his side.

President Trump received an honorary medal from the Saudi King. Donald Trump is a fairly tall man, the Saudi King is not. President Trump had to lower his head for the King to place the medal around Trump’s neck. The Fake News people immediately jumped on that saying, “Look, look Trump is bowing just like President Obama did.” It just gets better and better.

These media fools cannot seem to get the message that what little remains of their shabby and threadbare integrity continues to be flushed down the commode daily with obvious nonsense like the above.

The American people have already lost the confidence that at one time existed between ourselves and our media; soon because of the current left wing political ideology that dominates our media, a corrupt media that preaches hate for conservatives and President Trump, the scrap of confidence that still exists, will be demolished

The two Presidents conduct throughout their time in Riyadh could not have been more dissimilar. Here are a few highlights from President Trump’s speech, not that we saw much of them from our fake news media:

1. President Trump stated Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism. Ex- President Obama must have called and apologized to his friends, the Ayatollahs over that one. The Ayatollahs, probably told him, “stop with the weak-ass apologies, give us another multi-billion dollar bribe or piss off.” “OBTW, this time we don’t want it to arrive on a pallet, just have Hillary send us a check from the Clinton Crime Family’s Foundation, and no we are not paying Billy to come over and give a speech.”
2. Unlike Obama, President Trump had no difficulty in naming Hezbollah a terrorist group.
3. President Trump called on all Arab nations to pledge not to fund terrorism.
4. President Trump called on all Muslim peoples to DRIVE OUT TERRORISM.
5. President Trump demanded all Muslim nations to take a strong stand against terrorism.
6. President Trump painted a future for a new, young and vibrant Middle East. In order for that new future to happen, a religious/political reformation must take place in the Muslim world.
7. President Trump did NOT apologize for the country he is the elected leader of.
8. President Trump, with a diplomatic first, flew directly from his successful conference in Riyadh with over fifty Muslim nations, to Israel to meet with the Israeli government. It was a groundbreaking diplomatic triumph; the first time in modern history ANY nation’s leader had tied a visit to ANY Muslim country with a direct flight to Israel for another diplomatic conference.

Unlike Obama’s completely phony 60 nation coalition, much ballyhooed by the likes of Jay Carney etc., President Trump is assembling a real coalition of Sunni nations to challenge Iran’s primacy in the Middle East.

President Obama for reasons unfortunately still not clear for far too many Americans, wanted Iran to be the strongest Muslim nation in the Middle East, even to the extent of Iran becoming the only Muslim nation possessing a nuclear weapons capability; once more, incompetence or agenda?

I believe there are sinister reasons why Barrack Obama favored Iran and the Shia Muslims. Even before Obama took presidential office, he was knocking on the Ayatollahs door, seeking an agreement to meet with them. Why, well I believe there were reasons for that supplicatory request. That information will come out in time and like some of the information that is now coming out on Obama’s failure to stop the Russian hacking during the election, until Hillary lost, the information on Iran and Obama, when it finally comes out, will continue to destroy Obama’s political legacy.

President Trump will not allow a weaponized nuclear Iran. That nuclear catastrophe will not take place. He is putting in place a coalition of Sunni Arab nations, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, The UAE, Jordan and others to even out the political playing field against Iran. What is not understood by too many Americans is, Sunni Muslims are by far the largest Muslim population. Shia Muslims are by far the smaller Muslim population.

• Sunni Muslims – 87 to 90 percent of the world’s Muslim population
• Shia Muslims – 10 to 13 percent of the world’s Muslim

The numbers always count. When the Sunni’s come together with President Trump’s assistance, the Muslim world is going to change and the world will be a much safer place. Thank God we now have a President who will give us a chance to once more become the powerful and traditionally valued America the founders created.

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