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“Those who can – do.  Those who can’t – teach.” – Liberal saying


As a former liberal I can speak with complete authority on what it takes to be a liberal and what it takes to be a conservative.  I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Georgia, and had a career as a paramedic/firefighter in Texas.  I thank God for bringing people into my life who guided me to Christ and taught me how to think logically rather than emotionally.  Liberals don’t grow up learning respect for their elders or those who teach them.  They become arrogant, insolent, and believe in erroneous facts, which is why they hold teachers and those in authority in contempt.


Take the recent incident wherein the cast of the Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” lectured VP-elect Pence about ‘representing all of us.’  They actually believe that Trump/Pence will only be leaders for rich, white, straight, Christian men and will do bad things to everyone else.

“We, sir – we – are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights.  We truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.” – Actor Brandon Dixon


The production of “Hamilton,” like most New Yorkers, suffers from extreme liberalism.  The producer’s casting call was for an all non-white cast to play the part of America’s Founders who are all white men.  As Rush Limbaugh points out, they learned their lines about what they believe Hamilton’s vision to be without knowing anything about the man himself.

Rush Limbaugh:

“My first observation about the Hamilton episode with Mike Pence, I don’t think the cast of this show has the slightest idea who Alexander Hamilton is.  I frankly think they know their lines and that’s it.  And that’s typical liberalism.  They know the lines that have been written for ‘em, but they don’t know the man, they don’t know the history, they think they know what they’re talking about.  They think they’re authorities. Just like an actress who will play a farm wife in a movie in a Great Depression farm era will be called to the Senate to testify about dire straits on the American farm, when she had no idea.  She played it in a movie.

“Well, these clowns in Hamilton are playing a role.  They have their lines, their sing their lines in their songs, and that’s it.  And they think they are experts. And then you add to it that they are liberals, and that makes them think they are experts and then you add the arrogance and condescending nature of liberalism and you have a totally offensive manner of behavior.

“One of the especially hilarious parts of the cast of Hamilton lecturing Mike Pence was all their talk of diversity and how scared they are because, you know, they’re all gay or they’re all transgender or they’re all lesbian and Mike Pence and Trump are coming for ‘em and we don’t want to be put in the camps, please don’t put us in the camps!  They literally think this because this is how they’ve been educated, it’s how they’ve been taught. They really do think this stuff, folks.  Just like they think the planet isn’t going to be habitable by the time they’re 65.  I can’t emphasize this enough.  They believe this stuff.  But not only do they believe it, they think they’re the only ones who know it and that makes them experts in this stuff.”


Actors, in their supreme arrogance, believe that their ability to pretend to be someone by reading lines from a script written by someone else makes them experts on that person, that they know what that person believes and how they lived.  E.g. like Alec Baldwin pretending to be heroes like Jack Ryan or Col. Doolittle, but being a flaming liberal jack ass in real life who despises everything these men stood for.  Liberal contempt for the military and for police as oppressors rather than protectors is born from their desire for a totalitarian government run by them.  If they were the people in charge then they wouldn’t be held accountable for their own crimes.  They believe that a society that holds them accountable for crimes against others is unjust because they can justify their actions.  They do not understand that being able to justify committing theft or murder in their own minds does not make it right, but they would be happy to make it legal.


Students stage Trump assassination

Liberalism is the ideology of hate.  When they long to assassinate Trump before he has even become president then that is nothing but blind, hateful bigotry.  Teachers in California want to teach children to hate him simply on the basis that he is a rich, white, Christian male.  This is the kind of mindless, heartless, faithless contempt for humanity that is brought about by people who know nothing yet believe they know everything.  It’s how they justify assassinating cops as racists, stealing from the rich as vengeance on the greedy, and why they believe the planet is being destroyed by CO2.


The five most important things you need to know to be a liberal


What you need to know to be a conservative

  1. Math
  2. Morality
  3. History
  4. Business
  5. Science


The truth is you really don’t need to know anything to be a liberal.  As I said, I was a young liberal long ago, and a friend once sarcastically quipped to me that I ‘knew everything about everything.’  I admit that I know a lot.  I have a high IQ and am a Right-brain thinker (which means creative), which is a rare combination.  It’s what makes me both an excellent historian and writer.  By the time I was 25 I had learned a great deal about the world from vociferous reading.  When someone asked me a question I usually knew the answer, but even when I didn’t know the answer I would give my best guess.


What I didn’t realize was how wrong I was when I did.  Rather than saying, “I don’t know the answer, but my best guess is,” I would speak as if I knew the answer and was an authority on the subject, which is what we see liberals doing today.  Another friend told me, “You have a lot of ‘book sense’ but no ‘common sense.’  It took me years of being educated by friends who weren’t so arrogant to see the error in my ways.  I was over fifty before I had the epiphany to realize exactly what he meant – that knowing things does not mean knowing people.  Understanding people is understanding that people lie more from ego than any other reason.  When I said I knew something I didn’t actually know I was lying.  Learning the many forms of lying; exaggeration, making excuses, secrets, deceptions, is the most important lesson in life.  It is what has made me understand what Mark Twain meant when he said that common sense is not so common.  It is why I understand that politicians don’t just make promises they have no intention of keeping, but tell us things to twist our thinking and make us believe what is false to be true.


Being liberal or learning to be a conservative


Everyone is born a leftist/liberal.  Liberals don’t have to know anything or learn anything.  All you have to do is feel that something is wrong and condemn it whether you understand it or not.  You don’t have to grow up learning right from wrong, only knowing good and bad.  Their confusion comes from learning only the selfishness of what is fair or unfair without learning the morality of right from wrong.  Some people have the epiphany of understanding when they are young, some like me when they are old, and some never come to that realization and remain lifelong liberals.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.”


Liberalism and conservatism are best expressed in an old adage.  Young liberals disregard old sayings as being “obsolete” or “outdated.”  However, wisdom is never old.  It takes time to learn, to become educated, but liberalism requires no education and is already known when we are young.  Every fourteen year old believes they know the answers to life and have no clue how wrong they are.  This adage is the defining separation between liberalism and conservatism;

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and eats for a lifetime.”


This saying is the definition of the Left and the Right.  If a poor man is hungry the liberal will give him a dollar so he can buy himself something to eat.  It isn’t a solution to the man’s problem, just a temporary fix that makes the beneficent liberal feel better about himself.  A conservative will give him a job so he can learn to make money for the rest of his life.  The problem in America today is that democratic socialists have realized that they can do one better;

“Give a man someone else’s fish and he’ll vote for you.”


Becoming conservative is understanding the value of education and teachers.  Not everyone has the ability to be a great achiever in their field.  Likewise, just because you can succeed does not mean you have the ability to teach others how to do so.  No one can become a success unless they first learn the basics and then learn ropes in his field.  Bill Gates was not born knowing how to program computers and he didn’t learn it on his own.  His innovation was built on the foundation of his education and experience.  A real leader does not scorn those who came before them who inspired them.


What it takes to be a conservative – education


Students who come out of college with degrees in liberal arts are not prepared to work in the real world.  They have no knowledge of how to make a career or the work it takes to be successful.  Many, in their arrogance, believe they should graduate as CEOs and are bitterly disappointed when they are expected to start at the bottom and work their way up.

Learning to walk the walk of the hero before you can run

But dreaming of being the next Bill Gates doesn’t make it so.  They see Gates supporting liberal Democrats, but don’t realize he doesn’t do it because it’s the right thing to do.  He does it because if he doesn’t then rather than being the object of their worship he will become the target of their corruption.  Every rich man in America today understands that if you don’t feed the monster it will eat you.

This is what it takes to understand the world in which we live and what you must learn to prosper:

Math – if you can’t understand how to do a basic budget then you are lost.  If you can’t balance your income with your outgo then you will never get ahead let alone succeed.  The rich spend money like they’re poor, while the poor spend money like they’re rich.  Understanding how a budget works is not learning how to borrow from Peter to pay Paul.  It’s about learning to live within your means.

Where liberalism goes wrong in our government is Democrat’s using what is called “baseline budgeting,” which is a way of saying corrupt budgeting.  To Democrats in Congress a “budget cut” is a decrease in the increase of their budgeted spending for next year.  This is liberal backwards think tracking the budget from future spending rather than past income.  This is why America is $20T in debt.

Morality – is what you learn in church and from your family.  You learn not to steal, to be considerate of others, to share, and to understand the difference between good and bad vs. right and wrong.  For example, sex is always good, but when you cheat on your spouse it’s still wrong.  You learn to forgive and let go of your anger.  You learn to condemn the sin, but love the sinner.  Most importantly, you learn to recognize and reject wickedness, and to follow righteousness without being a hateful, self-righteous hypocrite, which is a trap into which many liberals fall when they first come to Jesus.  This backsliding into liberalism of believing you know who is good or evil, or that what is right and wrong is subject to each person’s interpretation is why liberalism confuses itself about right and wrong being gray instead of black and white.

History – “He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana.  If you don’t know history then you end up believing whatever you are told about it such as; Jesus was fictional, Islam is peace, and socialism is fair.  Young people believe socialism to be the best form of government because they have no knowledge of history.  They know Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were all evil men who murdered hundreds of millions of people, but they don’t understand that Nazism and Communism are both born of Socialism, and that they are not corruptions of a good ideology, but that they are all products of totalitarianism and therefore destined to be destructive.  Likewise, they know nothing of Islam being the ultimate socialist ideology that teaches all people must be equal in all ways, do the same things, and obey their theocratic masters in all matters or be destroyed.  They have no knowledge of America or her heritage that has not been corrupted by the Left and do not understand the meaning of American Exceptionalism or why America is leader of the free world.

Business – understanding that businesses were not born from government decrees or subsidies, that profits are not the product of greed, and that politicians are not enablers begins with unlearning everything the Left teaches.  Government did not build roads and educate people and provide protection so that businesses could grow.  They provide it because entrepreneurs built businesses that paid for those services.  Liberals don’t understand that government has no money.  They can print all they want, but it’s just paper.

Money is only an abstract representation of trade goods.  As societies became too big for barter to be workable, trade was made by exchanging items of value such as rare metals or gems.  Today’s money is just a unit of trade and government does not provide it without first taking it from someone else.  America’s government is supposed to serve the people, but corruption has led people who would live off of government theft to vote for them to become totalitarian dictators, and thus we have the modern Democrat Nazi Communist Party.

Science – mankind is no different today than people of five thousand years ago.  Our technology and knowledge have advanced amazingly, but people are still dumb, greedy, petty, dangerous animals unless they are taught not to be.  Science has developed all kinds of wonderful gadgets to make life better, help us live longer, healthier, and more comfortably.  But there are limits to science, just as there are limits to knowledge.  More than half the people in the world do not enjoy the products of science, and more than half the rest do not understand science.

That is why they are so easily duped by those who claim to know better and tell them that if they don’t give them more of their money, or help them to steal from those who do have money, then their world is going to be destroyed.  This is the oldest scam in the book right after politicians and prostitutes.  Learning not to be gullible and doing research to learn the truth rather than blindly following is the key to success in life.  There will always be people who seek to corrupt others so that they can take what they want rather than work for it.


America’s future

With the election of Trump/Pence America has a chance to renew herself and revitalize her economy after the eight years of the Obama Depression.  Electing an anti-American, racist, Moslem socialist to be Leader of the Free World was the biggest mistake in American history – in world history.  Jesus said, “Beware of False Prophets, you will know them by their fruits.”  The fruits of Muhammad are Sharia and Jihad.  The fruits of Obama are economic stagnation, energy deprivation, military weakness, world conflicts, and social division.

America’s criminals are murdering police.  Islamists are invading to terrorize the people to subvert the country.  Foreigners are infiltrating to steal jobs.  Businesses are being bled of profits that would help them grow.  And Democrats are endorsing all of it to bring the country to its knees, making the people debt slaves, blaming Republicans, and claiming that making them absolute rulers will solve all your problems.

So long as you are in possession of all the facts you can refute the illogical nonsense of their beliefs.  Whenever you argue the facts with a liberal they always resort to name calling like children.  That is because liberalism requires no knowledge or understanding to be part of their ideology.  People become a conservative when they learn not to be an ignorant liberal.

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