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One of the biggest fits a child makes is when you take away their candy.  Or…when that child is in a checkout line at the store with Mom or Dad and the parents will not let them grab candy and put it on the counter.  Screaming hollering and causing a scene, throwing themselves on the floor and I’ve even seen the little brats throw the candy around.

This whole example is exactly what we see from the crazy Leftists AND the Media!

They have “had their way” the past 8 years with a President that has done nothing but pander to all the special interest groups on the Left, ridiculed those of us that “cling to our guns and religion”, refuse to respect and honor our religious beliefs, stuffed an incredibly expensive healthcare down our throats, enabled and funded baby killing factories, forced “men” into our women and children’s bathrooms, condoned violence towards our Law enforcement, and fueled the fires of racism.  Quite a Legacy our past President has…huh?

During eight years of attack on true Americans…I never witnessed any response that was violent.  Yes, we had our pens and pencils, we sometimes carried signs, and we petitioned the courts to defend our rights.  But I never witnessed anything near what we are seeing from the Left.

Where is the “political correctness” and “tolerance” promoted by the Left when it comes to disagreeing with the Conservatives?  We can’t see it.  What we see are babies that are not getting their way throwing tantrums all over the Country.  And the Media LOVES showing it and fanning the flames.  Literally!!

Buildings set on fire, rocks and other objects thrown at businesses and individuals, marches with vulgar displays of genitalia, Hollywood stars stating they want to “punch” the President, signs of death threats to the President and other dignitaries, threats of wanting to blow up the White House, gnashing of teeth and pulling hair, resistance and violence towards law enforcement, and the list goes on.  And these are all coming from the “tolerant” Leftists!!  And most of this outrage is against those of us who simply want the Laws of this Land applied and enforced.  The Conservatives over the past years protested decently against the “blatant ignoring and breaking of Laws” by the recently departed Administration.

The biggest culprit is the Media for giving tons of air-time to these spoiled children.  They are complicit in all the violence happening because they glorify it with coverage and their “talking heads” condone and even encourage it.  What happened to decency in Media coverage? I guess we could thank George Soros and his funding for a lot of this and should definitely include him as a co-culprit.

I remember years ago… (yes, I am an old conservative) watching a Redskins football game and witnessed their quarterback, Joe Theisman, incur a horrible breaking of his leg.  It was repeatedly covered by the Media and every time it made me queasy to my stomach.  .  Remember “streaking”?  Another Media coverage that glorified the antics of people and gave them notoriety as well as individuals interrupting sporting events.  Eventually, Sports coverage began limiting or completely eliminated repetitive coverage of those types of events.

Today we see the Media covering every single negative and gross event and display of lunacy and actually encourages it.  Because the Media is ALSO one of those spoiled brat children that is no longer getting their candy they’ve had for 8 years.  And it’s about time!!

Oh, and by the way Mr. Chuck Schumer…are you still shedding tears over the 100 “detained” Muslims at the NY airport?  Just curious…because we’re STILL waiting to see a tear from your eyes for the hundreds of MURDERED Americans at the hands of Terrorists in our own Country!!

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