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The outrage among the gentle snowflakes in our society over the election of Donald Trump stands in direct contrast to the young men their age that rode LSTs to the beaches of Normandy. Today’s college pajama boys can’t abide Trump’s victory and act as if the ramps have lowered and the enemy is machine gunning their peers before anyone can get into the water.

These metrosexuals are delicate souls with less mettle than the average steel magnolia from Georgia. Since the 8th of November they have sobbed into their therapy dogs while hiding under their beds in some hidden safe space on campus. Don’t we know how frightened they are?

Don’t they know how frightened those boys were on the 6th of June? They slid over their friends’ blood and vomit before they could wade to shore and claw the sand. There were no safe spaces then, only limbs flying and intestines gushing out of torn bellies. They cried out for their mothers and for Jesus. Thousands would never see home again. Their mothers would faint on their porch steps at the news the War Department regretted to inform them of.

Those were the days when men were men and women were glad. Not like today where tender sprouts demand government save them from triggering events like chalk sidewalk drawings or Milo Yiannopoulos declaring he would vote for Trump, or otherwise say “boo” to them.

Of course, we adults know the real reason they soil their shorts isn’t because Donald Trump is President-elect. They’re frightened out of their minds because the American people rose up with revolutionary fervor and sent the silly sots of the Democrat Party packing. We’re sick of the elites and want a return to constitutional government.

The nonsense is going to stop. It has already begun.

The stock market soared after Trump’s election, reaching a fourteen-year high. Thirty world leaders have telephoned the President-elect already to congratulate him and pledge their support. The chairman of Ford Motor Company promised Mr. Trump to scrap plans to leave Kentucky for Mexico. Apple is mulling moving it’s I-Phone manufacturing to the United States.

What a difference a fortnight makes. Is there anyone remaining that believes the wall won’t be built or businesses won’t move back to the United States on Trump’s promise of reasonable tax rates and regulations?

What solution does the Lunatic Fringe have to their collective nightmare? They fantasize killing Donald J. Trump. Assassinating him. Otherwise, they attack people suspected of voting for Trump, or they smash windows and firebomb cars in our major cities. This is Baraq Obamah’s true legacy, a lightning bolt of desperation, one last fizzle soon to be ended and long forgotten by spring. Our long national nightmare is over. The Left’s Twilight Zone is just beginning. And they have nobody to blame but themselves, though they never will. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Just ask Hillary.

But, what happens if the electoral college delegates vote for Hillary anyway? What happens if some Alt-Left nutbag assassinates Donald Trump? In any other election, I might worry a bit, knowing that George Soros and his demonic disciples lurked  behind every corner, hoping to steal the election. But, not this year.

This year, the Founding Father accepted the Left’s challenge. He will not tolerate a fundamental transformation of the nation He inspired to be built. Without the United States, who would have fought the Empire of Japan and Nazi Germany and won? Who could have resisted the Red Army’s sweep through the Fulda Gap across Western Europe? With the mass extermination of Jews at the hands of Hitler and anti-Semites in general, would there even be an Israel today? Without the United States of America, the 20th Century would have ended far differently.

So, when the lightning flashed from west to east, and Baraq Obamah rode the bolt into the Oval Office, the Ludicrous Left believed they’d finally reached the progressive promised land. They would finish what their ancestors began a century earlier – the fundamental transformation of our constitutional republic into a dictatorship of the Elite, by the Elite, and for the Elite. The rest of us could rummage through garbage bins to feed our families – like people do now in Venezuela.

But, the Founding Father has a different plan: Make America Great Again.

Enter Donald Trump. People that foresaw Trump’s installation in the White House informed anyone and everyone that His hand was on The Donald’s shoulder. Most people laughed at the very idea Trump would ever preside over this nation.

No one is laughing now. Against tremendous odds, Trump defied every gambling den taking bets on the election. He fooled every pollster, every member of the Mainstream Inanity, and he fooled the Establishments of both parties. Despite their calumny, their mindless, brain-dead assertions of all the ‘isms’ they could think up, Donald J. Trump became the Republican nominee. One prominent RINO after another backstabbed Trump with the practiced hand of a Scottish noble of yore.

Reverend Hank Kunneman of Nebraska was often a lonely voice who revealed a curious observation he’d made before last spring. Although he wouldn’t reveal the person God said would win the election, he did say God intended to Make America Great Again. But, that’s not all. Kunneman also explained the meaning of the number 44 in Hebrew numerology. The number means division, divided, or divisive.

Number 45 could be summed up as the word mah. Mah is translated ‘what’ and denotes astonished surprise. “Mah?!?!”

As six o’clock moved toward seven in the evening, people all over America celebrated the election of the first woman president. They went walking and leaping and praising O because they knew Hillary would finish off the United States with one in the forehead. The United States would cease to exist as it’d been founded.

By eight o’clock, the cheering ceased. A somber quiet was replaced by a deepening gloom easily read on the faces of Hillary’s media cheerleaders. In utter astonishment they watched the worm turn as their torment burned hotter. “Mah?!?!”

The Lord, in His mercy, did not allow us to be destroyed though He knows we deserve it. Nevertheless, He has other plans, and they don’t include, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, or Baraq Obamah. Instead, He has called Donald Trump by name, and neither terror by night, nor arrow by day shall touch him.


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