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No one appreciates the God-given Jewish intellect more than Vigileaks. Whether it is used for a powerful good to benefit humanity, or for powerful evil to exploit and profiteer from humanity, there is brilliance on both sides. Indeed, Vigileaks attributes to the Solomon strain in his family line his straight A’s at the university and a strong faith in God. Chaim Solomon was the principle financier of the American Revolution and there was no finer American Patriot.

While working on my M.A. a Yale statistician proclaimed the most ingenious findings are often simple ones. “There is genius in simplicity,” was his fond slogan. It is into this area of genius I would like to invite those Jews who fail to understand issues during the Trump Presidency. That is, failing to understand because of unnecessary analytical complexity and complication.

The simplistic and true answer to Failure One. This failure was exhibited at the Trump-Netanyahu press conference by an orthodox Jewish journalist. The latter simply didn’t understand the new wave of sudden anti-Semitism around America was because of President Trump’s support of Israel.

President Trump was in no way condoning or indifferent to this anti-Semitic outburst. Not at all. It is because of his support for the Jews and Israel that, in all likelihood, Muslims are retaliating, probably under the direction of Obama from his Washington DC bunker.

The simplistic and true answer to Failure Two. “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” As millions of Muslims have been sent away from the Middle East, so Israel can raise its Temple without fear of genocide, they now permeate western civilization. There is an inevitable cause and effect here – and – changing the environment of a Muslim does not change a Muslim’s behavior and belief system.

The simplistic and true answer to Failure Three. Under the present circumstances, neither the one-state nor the two-state solution for Israel will work. Nationalism is forbidden by Islam. So a two-state solution is merely an Islamic increment to a complete takeover. A one-state solution is the real answer but can never be acknowledged by Islam, as nationalism is forbidden.

The simplistic and true answer to Failure Four. Since the 1980s, Jews have acknowledged “God in His Sovereignty is gradually turning up the heat for Jews to return to Israel.” Nothing escapes God’s control. His Divine wisdom is above ours – and this will sound strange at first – as He allows antisemitism to gradually intensify, to motivate Jews to aliyah where He will work with them further. The exile for patriotism in countries outside Israel has now ended.

This timely and urgent concern is addressed in such books as Exodus II by Steve Lightle, Let My People Go by Tom Hess, and Fishers and Hunters by Jay and Meridel Rawlings. Intellectually honest Jewish people are invited to read these and accept or reject them. This new wave of anti-Semitism is one of the prophesied signs of the times which should encourage all Jews in western civilization to aliyah in obedience to the Divine will   It’s time to go home.

To do otherwise will be like trying to “nail Jello to the wall.” Learn from WWII and aliyah now with all your valuables, wealth and real estate profits. It is far, far better than having to flee with nothing during the soon-coming Isaiah-prophesied “Jacob’s Trouble.” Some have said obedience to God is the highest form of worship. And it is for this reason President Trump must realize building in the West Bank settlements must be urgently maximized!


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