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Suppose we had a family that wanted to go from Kansas City to Los Angeles, had no money so they decide to ride on top of a boxcar.  They manage to get on top of one.  The train begins to roll and they’re off!

How long do you think it would be before the train was stopped, the children taken from the parents and perhaps never allowed to return to those people again?  Courts have taken children from parents who put them in danger and the Democrat National Committee thinks it is the proper thing to do as they wail,  “Protect the children.”  We feel it is this kind of hypocrisy, if not insanity, is what will result in a “Red Wave.”

Democrats have been told by their leaders taking such children from these parents is immoral and caused by an evil man, President of the United States, Donald J. Trump and they should hate him.  These people are 21st century Democrats, the party has gone insane.

Democrats wail Mexican children that have ridden 2,000 miles atop boxcars should be returned to their parents, who sometimes are not children of the people claiming to be their parents!  It is amazing anyone would give their children to such people, but Central Americans have and will continue to while our Democrats advocate giving them back to utterly irresponsible people!  Not likely.

On Saturday, 08.18.18, dozens of media outlets reported Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested an illegal alien taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby, but omitted the man was a murder suspect Joel Arrona-Lara, arrested when he stopped to get gas.

Many media outlets ran with misleading headlines conveying a sense of brutality and inhumanity as the political Left is currently demonizing ICE  The headlines read:

The Washington Post: “ICE arrested a man driving his pregnant wife to give birth. She drove herself to the hospital.”

The Sacramento Bee: “They were on their way to the hospital to have a baby when ICE took him away”

CBS News: “ICE detains man driving pregnant wife to hospital to deliver baby”

TIME: “ICE Agents Detained a Man Driving His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital”

Slate: “ICE Officers Arrest Man Who Was Driving Pregnant Wife to Hospital for C-Section”

NY Mag: “ICE Arrests Husband Who Was Taking Wife to Give Birth at Hospital”

Newsweek: “Ice Agents, Part Of Trump Crackdown, Detain Husband Driving Pregnant Wife To Deliver Baby”

One of the only media outlets to report Arrona-Lara was a murder suspect was NBC News, which reported that ICE noted Arrona-Lara was arrested because of an “outstanding warrant issued for his arrest in Mexico on homicide charges.”

The timing of the media’s latest deception to demonize the Trump administration for political gain comes just two days after more than 350 newspapers wrote op-eds bemoaning President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media for inaccurately covering news stories and for sometimes reporting blatantly false information.

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