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To submit an article, please navigate to the writing page. Once you are on the writing page, please do the following:

  1. Supply a Post Title within the post title field. This is required for a successful submission.
  2. Add Post Tags, in a comma separated list. This field is optional.
  3. Select the Post Category. Once again, this field is optional, but it’s recommended that you select a category.
  4. Enter your article content into the large content box. You can Add Media inside the content area by using the Add Media button (Note: Images cannot be wider or higher than 1500px). Please note that excessive uses of italics, bolds, and capitalization will be edited. The content field is required for a successful submission.
  5. Upload a featured image for the article, by selecting Choose File under the Upload an Image section. (Note: Images cannot be wider or higher than 1500px)
  6. Click Submit Post to submit your article. You will be notified via email once it’s approved.

If any errors occur, please make sure you supplied the required fields and make sure that your image is not too large. If you have any issues, please create a support ticket.

Adding or Changing Your Avatar

You can add or change your avatar under the Avatar section on your profile page.

  1. Make sure that your avatar is the minimum recommended size of 96px by 96px.
  2. Select Choose File and upload your avatar.
  3. Once uploaded, click Update Avatar to save.

If you have any issues, please create a support ticket.

You can change your display name across the site to a screen name of your choosing on the profile page.

  1. Go to the section under Profile Information and enter a screen name within the Screen Name field.
  2. Scroll down and click the Update button.
  3. Under Display name publicly as, under the Profile Information section, select your new screen name.
  4. Scroll down and click the Update button.
  5. Refresh the page and you’ll now see that your screen name is being used across the site.

If you have any issues, please create a support ticket.


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