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This whole thing was a family feud?! The shooter did all this to take out his mother-in-law?

Naturally he was a known as ‘creepy’, ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’, a certified violent wingnut who had reportedly even “escaped” a loony bin. Thanks to being felled through a maze of cracks, propelled by a series government foul ups worthy of a Mack Sennett Keystone Cops silent short. All of which allowed him to in the end evade a law library full of gun-related laws already in on the books and massacre more than two-dozen worshipers at First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in Texas Sunday last.

If not guns it would have been something else. Given where he lived the ingredients for that are pretty much household goods… fertilizer & diesel fuel, add a fuse and bin badda boom. Maybe a big honking piece of farm equipment to ‘harvest’ people or a monster truck to flatten the place. Point is, he was going to do it and there was at some point where stopping him became impossible. Once he got there the only thing we could hope do is pray that there were people, yes with guns and the courage to stand up if a complete and total slaughter is to be averted. As were and was.

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Thank God for answering those prayers if nothing else hopeful or even good can be found here for you.

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In fact, damned lucky this didn’t happen in snowflake country and happened where guns are a tool with a specific purpose, defense being one of them. I cannot picture one of the former unfurling their little wings, disarm the shooter and another chase him down in bare feet to shower him with affirmations and love, while directing him to the nearest empathy tent.

What happened is not something that we cannot prevent by fiat.  We could go door to door and cleanse America of all weapons, sharp objects, blunt instruments et al…  and replace them with crayons and bolted furniture and fixtures for all of us to enjoy in our confines. Of course that doesn’t prevent deadly violence and improvised weapons in any maximum security prison in the country, but why quibble over details?

The only way for us to ever stop this is to stop politicizing, posturing and pandering to the most deviant among us and again recognize them as not just sick but AS a sickness.  Then and only then can we begin to work on a solution to this monster of primitive, uncontrolled human nature from the darkest part of the most warped and twisted people we now tolerate, enable and encourage.

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Mark Williams

Author, Past Chairman Tea Party & Conservative Party USA. Radio/TV/Print Journalist. Ordained Minister. Woke up to change AND hope Wed 11/9/16


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