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Stupid Is, As Stupid Does:

I enjoyed Forrest Gump as a romp, a good tale, an amusing piece of well done entertainment. There are a few memorable statements in it and the title here is one of them.

We do not have to “go quietly into the night” (a line from another movie) and allow the communists and their godless philosophies to hold sway over America. What we need to do is recognize firstly that an enemy of great power lives within the nation. The ideology that is represented by those who deny the power and right of God to rule over us has infiltrated the ranks of the Christian Church and also the Synagogues of the nation. Replacing the notion of being ones brothers keeper and turning that obedience to God into one of the redistribution of wealth wrapped in a blanket of hate for capitalism and entrepreneurship strips us of the right of obedience to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose expectation is that we will provide for those whose circumstances lay them low for a time. For centuries it has been the efforts of the servants of the one true God who have been the charitable minded and kind hearted folks who took care of orphans and widows and those afflicted with disease or disaster. We have risen up and met the challenges in the needs of others because our hearts were brimming with the love of God and our outlet for that love became those in need and those in pain.

We have just come through a tough battle for the candidate that will represent the political party that will hopefully replace the communist sympathizer and anti-American in the White House. He has ravaged the nations bounty and turned it against We The People in support of his pet projects and his cronies whose hands are ever ready to steal from the public purse under the guise of doing business. It is now time to intelligently recognize that any house divided against itself cannot stand. Abraham Lincoln took a Biblical concept and expounded its wisdom in one of the greatest speeches ever recorded. He took Gods wisdom and applied it to a wound inflicted on the nation. The answer in the end was the regaining of unity, through the setting aside of difference and division and coming together to fight the greater foe that would kill the republic – the natural propensity for selfishness – versus the recognition of the need to seek common ground for the nation itself. A reminder that commonism (holding all things in common) is a far cry from communism which is rooted in a denial of God.

We need our patriots and folks of good will to set aside difference and division again and look to the great future that only a united group of States can produce. I invite my fellow Christians and Jews, to help to rebuild America after the disaster we allowed for the past 8 years. Suck it up and get to work. Its worth giving it every thing that we have got. Our future and very survival count on it.


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