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As Europe continues to pull back from transgenderism, especially for children, a new study published in the UK finds that it is a very bad idea to use of puberty blockers to stop children from advancing into their normal mature stage.

The leftist, child destroying, groomers have been saying for years that these dangerous drugs are ideal because they help kids with gender dysmorphia “feel” better and ease their mental anguish.

This study finds that this claim is not exactly true.

Per The Federalist:

In August, researchers published an updated review of data from a 2021 study in the U.K. on medRxiv, a preprint service for medical research. The original study conducted by the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) examined 44 children aged 12 to 15 over three years who were prescribed puberty-blocking drugs to treat gender dysphoria. Participants took triptorelin, a prostate cancer medicine used to inhibit the synthesis of estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

According to researchers at the University of Essex, the mental health of between 15 and 34 percent of participants significantly deteriorated while on the puberty-inhibiting drug. Just between 9 and 20 percent reported a reliable improvement. Between 56 and 68 percent “experience[d] no reliable change” in “internalising or externalising problems” manifesting in emotional and behavioral distress.

In other words, less than a fifth of those prescribed puberty-blocking drugs, if that, experienced emotional improvement after taking triptorelin. The findings contradict broad claims that such medical interventions are necessary to save gender-confused children from the perils of suicidal ideation. While the updated analysis from the University of Essex has yet to be peer-reviewed, another long-term study from Sweden found those who underwent transgender surgery were 19 times more likely to die by suicide than the general public.

It is good that these European researchers and doctors are finally starting to admit that transgenderism really isn’t the magical panacea that leftists said it would be.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of kids have had their lives ruined by these modern day Mengeles who were selling politics over science.

Another lie these leftists have pushed for more than 2 decades is that kids can just stop using puberty blockers if they decide they don’t want to be trans and they can just “go back to normal.” But the fact is, any prolonged use of puberty blockers wrecks permanent damage to these kids’ bodies, damage that can never be repaired.

These dangerous drugs usually leave these kids with bone issues, sexual dysfunction, and infertility, and more, not to mention the mental health issues they already had before they even started using them.

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Warner Todd Huston

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