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If anything has increased over the last 8 years, it’s the number of times dictator has been used to refer to the President of the United States.  Furthermore, threats of a dictator being elected in this next election have provided fuel for candidates to include in their speeches to Americans all across the country.

Ironically, if stump speeches and voting results are to be viewed as key indicators of the will of the people, most Americans want a dictator.  While we ridicule leadership from countries historically known for domineering tyrants (Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea), we overlook the fact that most Americans make requests from Presidential candidates that only a tyrannical dictator could actually accomplish.

Before we put all the blame on President Obama, who is not above reproach, we should note that it is Republicans and Democrats clamoring for a dictator.  For overwhelming proof, look no further than the leading candidates’ stump speeches (HereHereHere, or Here).  Perhaps it is fair to say that the speeches of candidates for the office of President of the United States do not encompass the beliefs of the American people, but polling results have proven to be equally condemning.  This compilation of polling results at Polling Report shows that the majority of issues voters consider most when voting for President are issues that the President lacks direct power to actually affect.

Perhaps it is a product of our time, or a glimmer of hope, but national security, a named power of the executive branch, still rests at the top in most polls.  In high demand of attention just after “terrorism,” we find most issues relate to the economy (job growth, housing market, minimum wage), health care, or taxation.

What we as Americans have found a way to do is empower the office of the President to step above and beyond the limits of the Constitution and act in ways that the Constitution never intended.  While the men who have lead our country have willfully riden the wave of power that we created, the blame should spread no further than uneducated and emotional voters.  By uneducated, I mean blind.  Many voters are of the highest educational demographic within our country, but lack the understanding of our our government functions.  When crises arise, why do we demand action from the President, instead of allowing Congress to make and declare laws in accordance with the Supreme law.  We wonder why special interest groups have riddled the lawmaking affair with loopholes and corruption, and yet we spend the majority of our time complaining that the President isn’t doing enough to put more money in our pockets and keep more jobs from leaving the country.

It’s not the President’s fault your dilapidated house won’t sell in a tough market, nor is it the President’s actions that will allow your house to sell for more than its worth in a bountiful market.  Stop demanding the impossible from our nation’s figurehead, and start holding those accountable who sit in the true seats of lawmaking.

We should be demanding that Congressional debates take precedence over Presidential debates on primetime television.

Let’s make our Senators and Representatives start sweating it out on CNN, FoxNews, and CBS.


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