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A petition was started a few days ago demanding that the Department of Justice investigate the paid “protesting” currently going on in many of our urban cities. These “protests” have been violent, destructive, and terrorizing to the people in these cities as well as across the nation.

The general public has recognized these “protests” for what they really are, riots. For those who think all speech is free speech and is protected by the First Amendment, think again. The Constitution does not give anyone the right to damage other people’s property, vandalize historic landmarks and buildings, or publicly call for genocide of all “white” people.

If you are tired of seeing all the destruction and hate every time you turn on the news, we ask you to please sign, support, and share our petition. We need to stand together and show that we will not be divided by these peoples’ actions and words. Those who are calling for violence and those who pay to have these violent “protestors” bused in should be prosecuted for attempting to incite a civil war and for treason against our great country. Many police officers have been targeted and murdered as a means of “protest.” Enough! Stop the murders, stop the violence, and stop the hate!

Prosecute these monsters!


iPatriot Contributers


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