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I grew up in the ’60s when everyone thinks that everyone hated everyone else. That’s not really how it was. As a nation, the people were more than ready for things to be fair for everyone and had been ready since the end of the civil war. The politicians and businessmen not so much. Just to give you an idea of how little we actually hated each other, in must of America people didn’t lock their front door or their cars for that matter. Kids played in the streets and usually didn’t get run over by cars. If you went speeding through the neighborhood in your car it was pretty much certain that you’d get a couple of phone calls and/or visits from neighbors in response. I don’t recall anyone calling the cops unless it was murder or maybe an eviction.

Look at us today.

We hate everything and we hate each other. We can’t settle our own personal disagreements without calling the police. America sucks. Those other races suck. The other sex sucks. Being straight sucks. Where does it all end? Do we have to kill each other in the streets before we can go back to a time when we hated each other like the ’60s? For Christ’s sake we hate our own people. Some of our deepest hate is to our own families. Where does it all end?

So what was so different during the age of hate that made it so much better socially than today?

Did you really think it was just one thing? Back in the ’50s and 60’s men and women tended to get married and have children much earlier in life and often straight out of high school. This was common among all races and cultures. Divorce was something that wasn’t liberating it was humiliating and a stain on the entire family and extended family. Children were raised by their own 2 biological parents. And of course, most of the nation was some kind of church-going Christian.

This was the very fabric of America. A predominately Christian Caucasian nation that one way or another invited members of other races and cultures to join them on the land they had conquered and/or purchased. A stark change from the way most conquerors in history behaved. Most would have slaughtered or enslaved those whom they vanquished. It was always the way of things but not this time. This time some of the survivors were actually given a land of their very own.

Was it diversity? Maybe it was the breakdown of the nuclear family? Perhaps the fault lies with a lack of faith. Where is God in your life? When was the last time you went to church? Or the last time you saw your parents in the same room? Something is seriously wrong here. If we continue on this “progressive” path babies may one day be conceived and born in an incubator and the Matrix will be born. Don’t we already have Skynet? Who didn’t see that coming?

The wrong people have been the loudest voices in the room for far too long. Wrong think has brought us to this point in time and it is time for the adults to be the loudest voices in the room and for the kids to go upstairs to their rooms without dinner.

Most of us sit around waiting and hoping for someone else to do what we know we should be doing. Donald Trump will save us or maybe QAnon will or even J.F.K. Jr. We have been telling ourselves this kind of crap for decades and look where we are. The wrong people, even after all their epic failures, continue to be the loudest voice in the room (figuratively speaking).

If America goes down in a ball of flames you know whose fault it will be don’t you? Yes you can blame international banking/corporations, the Deep State, the media, Hollywood, and yes they all share in the blame but it is we the people who shoulder most of the blame. We allowed it to happen in our country. We continue to allow it to happen.

We can’t get back to thereby being hateful with each other. So many interests want to divide us and make us feel guilty for who or what we are ….. normal. Are you pleased that your children and grandchildren will grow up in this mess where people don’t understand gender? It isn’t just ok to be straight, have children at a young age, build your own legacy, be faithful to your spouse, have a job, look and act like you have class, it is freaking awesome. It is the dream. Don’t let people within earshot poison that well without calling them out. When you do call them out, try doing it with love in your heat. My friend they know not what they do.

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