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Stop being a sycophantic anti-Trump chump. Here’s some history that will help.

My father was an intelligence officer in Germany during the Cold War. Although most of my American friends were permitted to tour behind the Iron Curtain, we were not – there was fear that we might be taken hostage by the Russians.

The then-USSR (controlled by Russia) imprisoned half of Europe behind an armed frontier (including the infamous Berlin Wall) with electrified fences, mine fields, obstacles, heavy weapons, attack dogs, spotlights and machine gun towers – all to keep the natives in, not to keep others out. Hundreds of miles this horror stretched across the German countryside and through the middle of the city of Berlin. Indeed, today’s German Chancellor Angela Merkel grew up in the Communist quasi-prison of East Germany where there were shortages of everything, fuel, food, housing and hope. This contraption of oppression fell apart in the wake of Republican President Ronald Reagan. It wasn’t long after that the USSR dissolved and Putin started his rise to power in the new Russian Federation. By the early 1990’s much of Europe was suddenly free after decades of Russian occupation. Putin back then was a junior officer in the USSR’s secret police the KGB — not quite a modern-day Gestapo, but close.

Over all these decades, the Democrats endlessly downplayed Russian threats around the world. Many argued that Soviet spies like Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent.   Indeed FDR got rolled in Yalta by Stalin, JFK by Nakita Khrushchev (leading to the Berlin Wall and a nuclear showdown in 1962 that put us on the verge of nuclear war). Democrats got us into the Vietnam War and after millions of deaths (including 58,000 Americans), then quit and lost it, leading the the slaughter of millions more. Later still, Democrats staunchly opposed Ronald Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative as “Star Wars” — a system to protect us from incoming missile attacks. Democrats still largely oppose this defensive program.

Now comes Obama’s turn. Obama failed to prevent or stop the election interference that is now such a big deal in the media and in DC. But that’s not all. Obama also failed to prevent the Russian invasion of Georgia, the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and the Russian annexation of Crimea, which is part of Ukraine. Obama failed to respond to the Russian shoot-down of a civilian airliner flying high over Ukraine in 2014. He and Hillary’s completely insane Arab Spring totally destabilized the Middle East and northern Africa from Libya all the way around to Turkey making it possible for Russia to regain a long-lost foothold on the Mediterranean Sea in Syria. Obama also pulled defensive missiles out of Poland and the Czech Republic and banned sale of defensive weapons to Ukraine as it tried to fight off an invasion by Russian operatives. No one on the left complained about Obama’s serial foreign policy failures.  Few leading Democrats cared – all were making money and they had power – the most important thing to the Democratic Party.

Then comes the run-up to the 2016 election in which Hillary Clinton, who according to one-time ally Donna Brazil, completely controlled the Democratic National Cte. (DNC) The DNC was later revealed to have hired a former British spy who concocted narratives that impugned Trump while trying to entice novice Trump campaign workers into collusion with the Russians. These narratives were and remain absurd, but they served their purpose, namely launching the endless Mueller investigation of supposed collusion between Trump and Russia. A narrative that has never made any sense and still doesn’t. Meanwhile Obama’s DoJ is meeting with Bill Clinton to help assure Hillary isn’t indicted for a legion of crimes involving influence peddling and failures to secure classified government documents. Oh, and of course, all Hillary’s illegal servers got hacked because they were so inept. Obama’s FBI repeatedly let her off the hook. The servers  disappeared.

So then  comes November 2016 and the swamp and its media sycophants are preparing the coronation of America’s first female president. But Trump proves all the polls wrong and gets elected. Everyone from Obama on down quickly realizes that their blatant and not-well-hidden abuses of power might now haunt them because sure-thing Hillary isn’t the president. So they grab the work product of Hillary’s collusion with a foreign agent (Steele) and his dossier that blames Russia and, with the help of a compliant mainstream media, float the story that Trump was the guilty party. Trump was accused of (the non-crime) of collusion. And all this from Steele’s Clinton-paid-for lies. The media immediately love the narrative because they hate Trump. Trump’s not one of them, he’s a threat. Trump’s cloddish AG Jeff Sessions immediately runs for the hills and recuses himself — leaving swamp creatures behind to run the Dept. of Justice and its oversight of a fraudulently appointed special prosecutor.

Trump and his allies meanwhile cuts taxes, decrease unemployment to unheard-of low levels for all, including minorities and women, massively decrease illegal immigration, juice economic growth and begin draining the swamp. He threatens trade wars that many analysts now admit he’s winning as our stock market still climbs. And when it comes to Russia, he levied stronger sanctions.  Along the way, he got us out of a nuclear confrontation with N. Korea, increased defense spending, re-deployed missiles back to Poland and the Czech Republic and, among other things, lifted the arms embargo to Ukraine. He loudly and publicly lambasted NATO leaders, telling them that America is tired of paying nearly all the costs of protecting them. In response, they immediately decide to pony up the funds they’ve withheld for decades. NATO’s Secretary General lauds what Trump did. In the wake of early successful negotiations with Kim and Xi, Trump goes after Putin trying to improve relations with a country that has a huge nuclear arsenal. Trump seeks peace and it makes sense to see what he can do with this guy Putin. So he does. His approach to all these guys (Xi, Kim, Putin) is something that they’ve never seen before. He meets with each privately and then emerges flattering each of them as good guys and new friends. He then lays out unilaterally, for the generally uninterested media, what’s been achieved – and makes it clear that if they don’t stick with him, Trump won’t be their friend any more. They love the flattery; after all, even dictators are vain politicians. Oh, and it slowly sinks in that their new friend has the power of the United States behind him and that maybe they’ve been had.

Yet all the while and despite all the good things happening, the mainstream media ignores it all. The Democrats, the street-left and the Republican nomenklatura (look it up, it’s a Russian term) decry Trump. Indeed, just yesterday a Democrat member of the House of Representatives called for a military coup. Others call for his impeachment and stammer through their own drool when asked on what grounds. Others think Trump’s a Manchurian Candidate — a deflection of a charge faced by Obama, only with a lot less evidence. The topper in this latest spasm of unbridled hate was Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan (who voted for the Communist candidate for president, Gus Hall, in 1976), accusing Trump of treason – without apparently having read the definition (in the Constitution – the only crime defined in the document). But to be fair, Brennan may fear for his own freedom should the DoJ decide to investigate his behavior while in office.  Sessions should move on this.

So dear readers, you no longer have an excuse to be a part of the dimwit Trump-hating mob. You no longer are required to pay fealty to the street-left, the Democrats and others who would rather America fail than concede Trump can do anything right.  You are now armed with facts.  And that just maybe you will argue more aggressively that it’d be a good thing for most people — and our republic — if Donald J. Trump keeps draining the domestic and worldwide swamps.

Before you think I have affection for Trump, I don’t.  Trump – who can be a buffoon at times — often comes off as a conceited clod.  But Nicolo Machiavelli had it right he wrote that an “excellent captain” need “not be an excellent man.” Trump represents an enormous threat to the American and international nomenklatura – people who prosper at your expense while calling you dimwits at cocktail parties in Davos, Beverly Hills and Nice. It’s time to make them stop.

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