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When I first heard of a special counsel being appointed in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, I was relieved. I thought to myself that “finally we can begin to move on from these insane claims of collusion between Trump and Russia, and the issue can be put to bed.” But then it dawned on me, that these seditious criminals on the left (and some from the right) have been committing crimes for the past decade and just getting away with it. No special prosecutors, or counsels, have gotten to the bottom of the rampant corruption taking place by these criminals, yet we now have a special counsel to chase down figments of delusion by utter criminals.

Let’s discuss a special counsel/ special prosecutor in the MANY crimes that the Hillary campaign, the Obama administration, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the many others involved in these sick crimes against this country and the American people. Since these criminals are going to try to implicate President Trump in nonsense delusions cooked up by these criminals, let’s discuss the REAL crimes taking place all around us with NOTHING being done about them…

  • Hillary colluded with the mainstream media to push false narratives and lies in an effort to advance her campaign
  • Hillary rigged the Democratic primary and cheated Bernie Sanders (not that I care about Bernie one iota).
  • Hillary rigged the Democratic debates with Donna Brazile giving her the questions ahead of time
  • Bill Clinton met with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a tarmac in Arizona just days before the investigation into her e-mails was finalized and publicly dropped
  • Hillary had a pay-for-play foundation where she raked in millions from foreign interests
  • Hillary started this subversive/seditious “resist” movement causing violence on American streets
  • John Podesta and other Democrats are implicated in a massive child-trafficking/ sex trafficking case. #PizzaGate (Where is Ben Swann?)
  • Multiple DNC staffers were murdered during the 2016 elections. (Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, John Ashe), not to mention the long body-count list of belonging to the Clinton’s.
  • Obama ordered via Susan Rice the unmasking (aka spying on) of people in the Trump campaign, including Trump himself.


These are only a few of the recent allegations being made against the Democratic Party leadership (mainly Hillary Clinton) and for some strange reason there is NOTHING being done about any of it. Never mind the e-mail scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the Vince Foster case, the Arkansas body-count, or any other scandal which the Clinton’s have been involved in. There is something going on here and Hillary Clinton and her dirt-bag husband are both strongly implicated in all of it. They have been committing crimes and getting away with it for decades, yet no special counsel/ special prosecutor. Anytime that a legitimate investigation begins, it gets torpedoed with destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice and witnesses pleading the Fifth Amendment.  Why does NO ONE seem to have the balls to prosecute Hillary Rodham Clinton? Trump can’t even defend himself, we the people cannot expect him to solve this massive problem facing the American people.

I heard an analogy on “Stranger than Fiction News,” from one of their commentators named Ron Johnson, who sounds like the radio man in the movie “Natural Born Killers,” and the analogy really hit home for me. The commentator explained that this entire situation “feels like there are a few sane people walking around the nut-house saying ‘look…something is wrong, and everyone just gives a blank stare and don’t understand. The people running the crazy-house are crazy too. You go to them and tell them that you want to hand out flyers saying that ‘there might be something wrong with the food,’ and they just take your flyers and thrown them in the trash. Then they tell you there is nothing wrong with the food…”

This incredibly complex situation we are facing together in 2017 is exactly as it was described in this commentary. The sane people, who have memory and an understanding of how this country is supposed to be run, are running around screaming for something to be done…and everyone is looking at us like we are crazy. We are living in an American Twilight Zone! Americans have quite literally been brainwashed by these criminals running the show, and the crazy Hillary supporters and leftists throughout America are sticking up for this massive criminal conspiracy against them. This is McCarthyism at its finest, and if the sane people of America do not continue their thrashing about then we stand a real chance at losing this country forever.

The Leftists like to claim they are fighting a revolution and resisting, but these are the crazy people looking back at you when you mention that something is not right about this entire situation. These people have been brainwashed into their radical ways of thinking, they are supportive of a criminal regime, and they are just as responsible as the criminals themselves.

The mainstream news perpetrates their lies in order to discredit the truth of these matters in order to give the criminals cover. This is causing mass-delusion and is a very dangerous situation. There was a reason that our lawmakers in the 1950s passed the Smith-Mundt Act and banned the psychological operations experts from using their witchcraft on the American people. Obama repealed this long-standing Act, and all of a sudden we the people are being bombarded with lies and cultural brainwashing even on the commercials between the shows.

We are facing an incredibly important time in our nation’s history. I am not saying that President Donald Trump is our savior, but he is battling with the corrupt forces which overtook our government many years ago. It is time ladies and gents, this is our chance to drain the swamp. We cannot rely entirely on President Trump to accomplish this on his own. We the people have GOT to stand up and say enough is enough. We the people decide the future of this nation, and any bureaucrat who says otherwise is likely in on this massive criminal conspiracy.

Where do we start? We start by demanding a special investigator, special prosecutor, AND a special counsel into the crimes of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is the head of the snake which has bed-down in the American political landscape. Investigate Hillary Rodham Clinton, properly, and the entire nut-house will begin to fall down under the weight of the truth.


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