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While overseas, Obama once again showed his contempt for Americans telling Laotians that Americans are too lazy to take the time to learn about other countries.  Unlike Obama, Americans have taken a great interest in third world nations with which we have engaged in trade making every nation with which we do business richer.  But Obama doesn’t see it that way.  He thinks America steals their resources and leaves them destitute.  Then he comes to America from his Indonesian homeland, where he was raised a Moslem and taught to hate America, and tells Americans objecting to his anti-American policies, “That’s not who we are.”  Obama has never had the first clue of understanding who we are because he only sees us through the eyes of foreigners and Moslems.

Obama says Americans are too lazy to understand other countries

Obama is not talking about Americans when he says that.  He’s talking about his third world America haters who envy America and want to steal from her.  Arab countries took what America traded and stole it.  The oil wells and refineries America built in Arab oil rich countries with trade deals that would have made them wealthy were all “nationalized,” i.e. stolen by their leaders converting trading for oil into extortion.  Now that America is producing more oil and natural gas, contrary to Obama’s assertion “we cannot drill our way to lower gas prices,” he and his Democrats are trying to shut down fracking and coal mining to make America dependent on foreign dictators for energy once again.

The ignorance of liberals is clear in their lack of understanding of coal and oil and “bio-fuels” and about carbon in the atmosphere and climate change.  ALL fuels are bio-fuels including coal and oil.  They are all carbon based as is all organic material and they all burn at low temperatures.  Wood, oil, and coal have been used for cooking and heating fires throughout history.  Converting pond scum to bio-fuels is just speeding up the process of organic matter that seeps down through the earth to become coal and oil.  Only the galactically ignorant believe that Americans burning carbon is causing climate change.  What is epically stupid is converting corn to fuel, burning FOOD to use in our cars because they believe it is “clean” carbon as if this is an intelligent and moral thing to do.


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