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Steve Bannon has a great capacity for looking like he just got out of jail on bail after a night in the slammer for having been arrested “drunk, disorderly and a public nuisance.”  He and Michael Moore would be locked in a tie for “The Most Repulsive Looking Man in Politics” if such a competition were held.  Given Bannon’s great skills, it is obvious Mr. Trump has a taste for talent and cares not a whit about looks, decorum or social skills as Mr. Bannon has a long list of very vocal detractors.

It could be that young Democrats are upset Steve is crabbing their act at looking like a walking train wreck or pigpen.  They do it to look pathetic and garner sympathy, while Steve just doesn’t give a fig.  He made millions in equities trading and apparently got to the point where could ignore GQ.  If Steve makes the “Disaster Look” fashionable the lefties are going to have to break out in three-piece suits! (Gasp)

Bannon is accused by the Democrats of having done everything from farting in church, having dandruff, social diseases and body odors, kicking his dog and being anti-Semitic because his third ex-wife said he “hated Jews” in divorce filings.  To that we only say anyone who believes anything a divorcing woman says about her husband is terminally gullible or stupid or both.  My second wife in her filings declared she was afraid of me “…because he’s from outer space!”  In Santa Barbara County Domestic Relations Court penis possession is a hanging crime so that accusation stuck and probably cost me hundreds of thousands of Dollars.  Meanwhile back at Steve Bannon:

Steve is famous for interesting quotes the Democrat propagandists use as weapons:  “Birth control makes women unattractive and crazy.”  Talk about throwing gasoline on the candelabra or floating a Babe Ruth bar in the punchbowl at a church picnic!  Never utter that one at a dinner party.  All the ladies in the room have forks!

Then he wrote, “There’s no hiring bias against women in tech, they just suck at interviews.”  Now here is where Steve is really wrong, in my estimation.  Women are always better than men in interviews.  They feel like they are “on” all the time.  They work at appearance where a man occasionally thinks about it.  They are far more intuitive than men are to what people are saying.  Anyone who has been through elementary school should know, “Girls are smarter,” just stop and think how they looked at you and how many times you heard, “…stupid boy.”

And then Steve published his most famous question, “Does feminism make women ugly?”  The corollaries are: “Who is your next of kin” and “What do you want us to do with the remains?”

It is a matter of record that he did say, or publish, “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler: Renegade Jew,” which sounds offensive, but if you read it a few times the edge comes off and “renegade” is the critical element, but more importantly wrong as American Jews are consistently Democrats for reasons I will never understand and they, like Mexicans and all Central Americans, are natural conservatives. Bill Kristol’s conservative Republican status does make him a “renegade Jew.”

By “natural conservatives,” we mean people who believe in the sanctity of life and that a fetus is a person.  They appreciate the value of work, enterprise and earning their way as the keys to personal success and freedom.  They believe in honesty, forthrightness and that people should be free to choose their religion as long as it is not one that calls for subjugating or “killing non-believers” as does Islam.

It seems obvious that men like Michael Moore and Steve Bannon have talents and gifts that were perhaps purchased with something most of us have and they do not.  Having worked for several highly gifted and unique men, some very successful and wealthy, I have noticed they were often lacking in tact. All were “different,” impulsive and hard to be around until you learned to let the quirks go by.  Extreme talent comes at a price many are not willing to pay or abide.  Wives of such men get the full rasher.  They learn to deal with it or the marriage fails quickly.  Some get “Full up to here!” and then split.  Great talent is often both a gift and a curse.  In Steve Bannon President-elect Donald Trump is dealing with such a man.


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