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If there was a difference between the Democratic’s and the Established Republicans we would have seen it by now.

Ya, Bush was ok, but his history says he is just another establishment talking head, same with Krispy.

Trump on the other hand is the real deal! He knows how to fix things. First and foremost he is on OUR side, he is funding himself, he can’t be bought, he don’t do drugs or whatever, like most others on the beltway and if he is elected, he will refuse pay AND retirement. He is a business Wizard, just what we need right now! Our country doesn’t need any more lifetime politicians. it’s too late for that. When Trump was asked by that white haired jacka$$ if he would leave the Republican Party and go independent? His answer was “NO”. The reasons for that are #1, that should have been announced right after the 2012 election and #2, he is about to change the Republican Party back to Conservative again, in other words the Established Republicans are about done, they know it and the people of this country know it.


His Administration will need at least eight years to fix this mess. He already has the absolute best negotiator for foreign trade lined up and what I have seen of his health care package will be the same as what the Washington elites are getting right now, for less money. He WILL go through EVERYTHING page by page, line by line and get rid of the crap unlike Obama who just used that line to steal the election.

If the Establishment Republicans OR the Democrats win in 2016 it will be our total destruction and it will be because of corruption, fraud and apathy or a Obama takeover.


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