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We’ve all see this kind of thing before so it amazes me that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but perhaps I just made it to my metaphorical typewriter before conservative journalists were able to sober up. Who knows.

An interracial incident happened recently in my home state of Florida (again) involving a firearm. Predictably the liberal media and political pundits have jumped on Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws as any excuse to curb the 2nd Amendment must be exploited.

This is what happened.

A car with what passes as a family these days was parked in the handicapped space of a convenience store. The stores parking lot was empty at the time. This act of arrogantly pulling into the handicapped zone when every other parking space was empty is what resulted in the death of one of the cars Black occupants.

The shooter then pulls up and is apparently appalled seeing this blatant disregard for common decency and the law and starts complaining to the woman who was still behind the wheel of the car parked in the handicapped zone. One can just about imagine what kind of reaction he got from a Black woman in Florida who was arrogant enough to park in a handicapped zone in an empty parking lot.  If you can’t watch some of Colin Flaherty’s videos over at

As the woman and the man argue or probably yell at each other the woman’s boyfriend and her young son exit the convenience store. It is quite obvious from the security footage that the drivers boyfriend was considerably larger than the middle aged White man that was arguing/shouting back and forth with his girlfriend. In the video you see the Black man rush the White man almost immediately knocking him to the ground.

Question: Why would the Black man bum-rush the White man. It could be successfully argued that Blacks are inherently violent (see Flaherty’s videos and arrest/conviction stats for violent crimes). Perhaps, like many men his size (regardless of race) the man liked beating on smaller men. He may have instinctually  just reacted to the situation without thinking it out. It could also be that he either saw the gun the shooter was carrying or saw it’s outline and was in fear for his girlfriends life.

What we see in the surveillance video is that immediately after being thrown to the ground by the Black man, the White man pulled his gun and shot him in the chest killing him. Well not exactly immediately. For maybe a second or two as he was pulling his gun the Black man, upon seeing the gun drawn, started backing up. Then he was shot.

Bear in mind that the camera angle that we see isn’t what the shooter saw. His view was actually very different and he saw things much differently that we do in the comfort of our comfy chairs. He had just been violently thrown to the ground by someone considerably larger than he was and he may have been hurt. Looking up at a man of that stature from the ground, it is reasonable to believe that he was in fear for his life.

This all washed out as simply a series of unfortunate events. The person who was actually responsible for the death of the Black man was his own woman. Had she simply obeyed the law and parked anywhere else in an empty parking lot none of this would have happened. Lots of mistakes were made on both sides once the wheels were sent into motion. Yes the White man did have a right to call out someone who was being just obnoxious. Yes the Black mans reaction may have been (if he saw the gun) justified. Yes the shooter was in fear of his life and had a right to defend himself with lethal force.

This is where the story should end.

But we all know it won’t, this is political gold. It is a story everyone can run with and make money. It feeds the deep state and the left. What is not to love here? Once again, we get to take a mole hill and turn it into a mountain range. Gun control, racism, sexism (how dare he confront a woman), Trumps fault. The possibilities are endless.

So grab a movie theater sized jumbo tub of popcorn and a gallon of sweet tea (and some rum to mix in it if you’re old enough) and enjoy the show ….. again.

Video footage:

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