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The chase is on, a seemingly glib comment by President Trump, stating that he has the power to pardon himself, has the main stream media running all over the place in the same manner as a pack of dogs on the ground trying to chase a squirrel that’s up in a tree.   Screeching, jumping around, barking and howling, along with the uncontrolled slobbering of a Pavlovian dog experiment, the so-called press reporters totally ignore real news while trying to sensationalizing dribble.  They have one common drive and that is the destruction of Donald Trump and his administration.

Some of the press have one thought in mind, revenge, their fair haired pro-socialist, Dear Leader Hillary Clinton was denied the Throne, some of them feel that if they can pull down the Presidency of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will some how become President, wrong.   Others in the press want a socialist government because they feel they are smarter then the average American and they should make all the decisions for the deplorable little people.

Each time Donald Trump lets a squirrel loose, you have wonder what Trump is accomplishing while the pack of media dogs are chasing the squirrels.


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