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As we pay tribute this Memorial Day, it’s critical to embrace the grave sacrifices so many have made and continue to make to keep freedom’s torch lit. But just as vital is the recognition that some battles never end.

The tools of totalitarianism are at work globally, implemented under the rubric of political correctness and motivated by multicultural fanaticism, marginalization of certain political castes, or elitist power plays. It’s a one-sided reordering of societal norms. And anyone who challenges that is vulnerable to the usual denunciation of being “racist,” facing repercussions that reach into the absurd.

To know what may await the West if its lurch toward a Leftist dystopia is not halted, one need only cast his eyes to the “rainbow nation” of South Africa and see what happened to one poor woman.

Recent congressional testimony regarding Facebook’s politically driven exclusionary tactics delineated Silicon Valley’s hard-left predilections, but the exposition was a mere foot-candle’s worth of illumination in a constellation of threats to the realm of free thought, speech, and expression.

Examples make for a loaded itinerary, but why not start at the bottom – literally?  In this instance, the bottom is South Africa, where, in the week leading into Passover and Easter, a 48-year-old former real estate agent from Durban, Vicki Momberg, was singled out for a type of putative justice befitting any Soviet-era kangaroo court designed for condemnation of anyone whose words and thoughts are dissonant with the state’s diktats.

Her ordeal is a siren’s-wail warning of how the left’s political correctness shaming strategy can be converted into a cudgel for clobbering any soul whose expressions contravene what national agents deem acceptable.

On Feb. 3, 2016, Momberg was stopped near a Johannesburg shopping center when unidentified black men robbed her of belongings in what’s known as a “smash-and-grab”: busting a car window and snatching whatever’s in sight while the helpless motorist recoils in fear.  For female drivers, the terror is undoubtedly compounded by the realization that South Africa is the rape capital of the world.

In the ensuing half-hour, Momberg reportedly called the police several times to summon help…


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