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That’s the best way to describe the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and the “war on cops.” BLM people go around chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? NOW!” And that IS a “special kind of stupid.” Think about it. What would we do if suddenly there were no cops?


As four police officers have been shot over the last three days across the United States, the question of what would THEY do if suddenly there were no cops? We (and they) would descend into anarchy. They might think that would be a good thing, because then there’d be nobody to interfere with their ability to victimize us.


But that would work both ways. If there were no cops, we would be FORCED to do the job the cops USED TO DO, ourselves. There would be no way to keep us from getting our own guns, which would make it harder for them to victimize us. People who ordinarily would obey their silly gun laws would now ignore what was left of them and get their guns the same way the criminals do. Then they would soon be killing the “bad guys” all over the place when they came to victimize them.


They would soon be stealing from each other, with no cops around to stop them. They already do that, which is why so many black males get shot to death by other black males. They say the cops are “uniformly racist,” which ignores two things: One, the MAJORITY of black males killed by cops are killed by BLACK cops; and, two, more WHITE men are killed by cops than black men. And most of these killings are “righteous,” putting the LIE to their spoutings of BS.


These are stats they don’t want to know about. All they’re interested in is making life hard for the cops, not thinking about the results, One of which is that cops killing people will only INCREASE, as cops, knowing they have a target on their backs, are quicker to shoot. They are CREATING the very thing they SAY they oppose. That takes a very special kind of stupid.


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