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Donald Trump.

Very few people would understand Donald Trump’s tax return. His return could cover more of the IRS Code then most people would think possible.  Trump deals with multiple states and countries. He has a real estate empire, which includes all types of construction and equipment. The IRS controls depletion and depreciation write off time tables.  He could have employment credits for certain hires, or use of alternative energy. Charitable  giving might be more then cash, to his foundation and outside his foundation. (The Clintons gave to themselves.) Less then ten per cent of the people would understand his tax return,  and less then one percent would take the time to study the return.


The payroll taxes at one time equaled  about thirty  percent of the salary. This included the employers  half of the FICA, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Health insurance is a cost not connected with  salary on a monthly basis. Add thirty percent to $7.50 an hour, and $5.00 an hour/

Wage increases based on a percentage increases the income gap. The wages will never  be considered fair if  loyalty, experience,and responsibilities  are considered. For many years women don’t long term  record of employment.



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