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When sending a text, or an email, we must keep in mind the possible impact of our words. Sometimes we may be misunderstood. The perception of your meaning may very well be affected by the mindset of the person reading.

When reading the great quotes from History, do we not keep in mind the author, and thereby have a better understanding of the meaning?

When reading a note from a friend or relative, is it not best to do so with objectivity?

I cringe at times when I read the words coming from our Capital, Wash. D.C. One would expect these folks, considering their status and education, would be of sound mind when speaking publicly. Mostly I find they say only what they wish us to hear. There is absolutely no sincerity in their words according to my perception. Are they so ignorant, or do they consider us to be so?

In my honest opinion, I think they must feel that we are very forgetful of their words of yesterday, or perhaps they really do think we are somewhat stupid.

For over two years now they have continued, on and on, much like a mosquito on a hot summer night, bombarding us.

Just what is it that has caused such outrageous behavior since the 2016 election? There are times I think about this deeply. What could possibly be the reason for their immense hatred of the man we put in the Oval Office. They will stop at nothing to discredit him. If there is truly a deep underlying secret that prompts their unnatural behavior, why have they not come forth with evidence?

All of our previous Presidents have had their shortcomings, but I depend on our system of “Checks and Balances” to ensure our continuous Constitutional Republic, and it has, until now, as it is perilously threatened by the anti-Trump forces.

The Democratic Party has left open the door for the Socialistic movement with their erratic and inane actions.

I still believe and feel that the ‘outside forces’ pushing for the “One World Order”, are heavily influencing our public officials, either with promises of wealth,  ‘seats’ of power, or both.  Witness the onslaught of Socialism that we have within the Democratic Party. It has always been there, of course; but today one should take note of just exactly who is calling for the Socialistic agenda.

It is my strong opinion that the intensity of this Socialist movement in the United States of America was begun when President Johnson took office. He was a huge man in Congress, in more ways than one, and his power and influence carried much weight.

His racism, his lies, and his “phony” smile were not lost on my perception. Out of all men who have served in the Oval Office, I believe he was the most destructive toward our Republic. Impeachment should have been the byword for his term. He put in many policies that he “claimed” were from John F. Kennedy. He was playing on the grief of the Country in losing JFK. He (Johnson) also was responsible for changing the purpose and use of our Social Security System; a move that is devastating today to our Seniors.

I believe that JFK’s brother, Atty. General Robert Kennedy, was aware of this and influenced his decision to run for President. Well, we all know where that went. And after Robert, we lost Martin Luther King.

Socialism had a good start with President Lyndon B. Johnson. Racism also was gaining strength. It began to divide our Nation. Johnson’s power and influence did not stop when he left office. It was far-reaching and still is to this day, as many from his Party follow his agenda.

Now it is up to our ‘present-day’ America. Put on your Revolutionary hats. Do not listen to the heavily influencing Media. Think for yourselves. Listen to the speeches of political candidates; and take notice of the status of our Economy, the strength of our Military, and the Balance of Trade. Help our leaders to take control of who we allow being a part of the American Dream; who we allow into our Country through the Immigration System.

Let this be the day we take back our Country.


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