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Civics Course Series: How to Quell a Riot

Civics and current events courses were once common, even required, in American schools. But since the late 1960s, civic education in the country has declined. The main culprit in this sad tale is the liberalized educational system infiltrated by the illegal and anti-Constitutional Marxist Dept. of Education – long overdue for dismantling.

Prior to the late 1960s, healthy civics courses were abundant. Indeed, every American student was well informed on civics issues. Today, we need a crash course in America civics to Make America Great Again!  Indeed, the very future of America is at stake.

Today let us quickly take to heart what civics studies taught about “Preservation of Order” and “Quelling a Riot.” A tremendous amount of responsibility falls on the elected county sheriff. Unlike NWO-supported federal marshals who would usurp elected sheriffs’ authority, the elected county sheriff still retains Constitutional authority over them.

Let us examine an approved and authoritative America civics manual – for the home and the school – widely used, entitled, The Government of the State and Nation. It clearly and concisely shows how to prepare and deal with riots! As schools all over America are closing on Election Day due to violence , let us quickly take to heart the proper pro-active mindset:

Authoritative American civics studies proclaims: “If a single individual becomes disorderly and resorts to violence, he or she is arrested and punished, or held under bonds to prevent a further disturbance of the peace by him. But sometimes the impulse to fighting and violence communicates itself to a crowd, and the people unite in a disturbance of the public peace.

“This constitutes a riot and endangers public safety.”

The civics manual continues: “The law books define a riot as the assembling together of three or more persons for the purpose of doing any unlawful act with violence against the person or property of another. The Haymarket riots in Chicago were caused by the resistance of the anarchists to the lawful authority of the policemen of the city.”  George Soros Funds Riots:

Will Obama call Martial Law – in a contrived management-by-crisis scenario – to quell the riots induced and funded by George Soros? This would be illegal! To quell a riot is not initially for the Federal but for the State government to deal with.   Read on!

“The method of quelling a riot is for the sheriff or some other peace officer, in the hearing of the rioters, to command them in the name of the State (not in the name of the Federal government) to disperse and depart for their homes or lawful employments. If they refuse to go, the sheriff calls to his assistance as many of the citizens of the county as may be necessary and arrests the rioters and takes them to jail, unless without such arrest they disperse and go to their homes or work.

“Commanding the rioters in the name of the State to disperse is sometimes called reading the riot act. Such command is necessary before the sheriff and his posse are authorized to use force in dispersing the assembly. The rights guaranteed by the Constitution is the right of the citizens – legal citizens – to assemble peaceably, and to exercise the right of free speech. It is when the assemblage is for the purpose of doing an unlawful act that it becomes illegal.

“If necessary, the sheriff may call out every able-bodied citizen in the county to assist him in dispersing the mob.” Veterans and Biker Vets, take note! “If, with the aid of the citizens of the county, he is unable to control the mob and preserve the public peace, he may call on the governor of the State, who is authorized to call out the militia, and send armed soldiers to quell the riot.”

Only as a last resort can the governor of a State call upon the President for aid in restoring the public peace. Now listen! If things get this far – if the American citizenry including local Vets and Biker Vets prove worthless in assisting the elected county sheriff – then Obama will use martial Law to stay in office indefinitely. Do We The People understand this cannot be allowed to happen?

Wikileaks: “And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry.” Email sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta by former Clinton administration official Bill Ivey on March 13, 2016.

We the People!  Organize today!  Inform your elected sheriff what may be ahead with riots, to be prepared to deal Constitutionally and according to American civics teaching (above) as well as to assert authority over imposing federal marshals.  And quickly inform capable local citizenry, especially Vets and Biker Vets, of their role in assisting the elected county sheriff.  Indifference may lead to draconian Martial Law consequences…


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