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Cancer, Rust and Soros Never Sleep.”

Whatever altruistic, civically responsible reasons Nikki Haley may proffer, for stepping down from the UN, simply know that Soros is the heinous victor. Nikki Haley may actually believe the reasons humbly and graciously given her American public. It doesn’t matter.

Soros is the victor.

Every year for nine years Obama addressed the UN with his dark vision of globalism. The UN presence of Obama was anti-glamorous and depressing.  Through Obama, Rothschild, Soros, and Kissinger were in control as their draconian New World Order advanced…

And then. And then. And then Nikki Haley’s presence in the UN was a positive revolution in itself. Her Christian light and presence were so strong, it dwarfed the memories of Obama in the UN to insignificance. Perhaps it was the coolest revolution in the history of mankind.

Yes, the dark New World Order vision in the UN was gloriously interrupted! All Obama’s work appeared forgotten and for nothing! Nikki Haley’s control over the UN gave the American flag new meaning! Her light had pierced the darkness of a criminal institution.

It was an even greater victory than when NWO America-hating billionaire Maurice Strong was caught in his UN Food-for-Oil scam and barely escaped to China. That victory let a little light into the UN. But Nikki Haley let in a LOT of light!

Rothschild, Soros, Obama, Kissinger, and Clintons could stand it no more. With Hillary as president, Bill was to be secretary general of the UN. A husband and wife team of global madness would tyrannize. Kissinger would see his global vision realized before the jaws of hell opened for him.

Hillary has by no means shelved her plans for Bill in the UN. They have simply been dormant. Should she become president through the ballot box and UN-enforced voting, she knows she will also control the world with her spousal shill taking her orders at the UN.

And be assured Obama never once felt his final speech at the UN would be final. Rothschild,, Soros and Kissinger felt the same. They simply had to admit new tactics were needed to put their demonic spirit back in control at the UN. And unelected Jared Kushner, professionally tied to Rothschild-agent Soros, was the glorious puppet to be their messiah!

Business Insider revealed: “Jared Kushner didn’t disclose business ties to George Soros, Peter Thiel, and Goldman Sachs, or that he owes $1 billion in loans.”  And Nikki Haley knew nothing of this? But even goes further to promote the unelected Kushner (Rothschild and Soros) Middle East plan? Was her family given death threats?

Will Jared Kushner prove to be a next-generation Kissinger? Masquerading as a limelight Republican while forging ahead with the globalist agenda? It’s interesting to note both Kushner and Kissinger are traced to the Khazarians, whose political syncretism with Christians and Muslims endured till the 12th century, then was resurrected with Freemasonry in the 1700s – the rebuilding of the Temple for centuries the Masonic, syncretistically-Khazarian, goal

So how long will the Afterglow of Nikki Haley’s presence remain in the UN? It is a light that is very, very strong. Indeed, stronger than the brightest white on the stars on the American flag! When she was in control, the American flag was flying high and proudly, enduring, no matter what the winds!

Will Nikki Haley, undeniably a glorious temple of the Holy Spirit, bravely make a comeback? At the insistence of We The People? Or will Rothschild and Soros quietly resume their briefly-interrupted UN continuum, so next-generation Kissinger plans will dominate the Middle East….

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