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By Jack Gist,

When radical progressive ideology tries to compete with reality, there’s no contest. Reality always wins.

Whether or not the progressives will acknowledge defeat is anybody’s guess. If their track record is any indicator, they’re more likely to deny reality than admit defeat.

Take the case of Jason Williams. He’s the George Soros-backed district attorney in New Orleans. “Soros-backed” is synonymous with radical.

On Monday, Williams and his 78-year-old mother came up against a reality his progressive policies helped create when they were carjacked at gunpoint, according to WWL-TV.

In an interview with WWL, Williams said, “This tells you that this can happen to anybody. Nobody is immune from crime. Nobody is immune from all sorts of crime.”

What Williams doesn’t say is that nobody is immune from crime in large part thanks to him.

“Right now, I’m just glad to still be in the land of the living,” Williams continued. “I’m glad that nobody squeezed the trigger last night. I’m glad my mother was able to get out of that car and that she’s OK.”

Thank goodness Williams and his mother survived their brush with death. One wonders if the incident — that very well could have gone very bad — has caused Williams to self-reflect. Somehow, I doubt it.

Williams is one of many “woke” district attorneys around the country who opt to protect criminals rather than law-abiding citizens.

Soft-on-crime prosecutors often count on funding from radical leftist billionaire George Soros. Williams is no exception, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Soros-backed DAs have enacted ‘reforms’ that eliminate mandatory minimum prison time, fines imposed on criminal defendants, and jailing juvenile delinquents and small-time drug offenders,” the Examiner noted.

Williams, upon taking office in 2021, “decided the best way to combat one of the highest murder rates in the country was to put more criminals back on the street,” the Examiner reported.

During his tenure, “less than one out of every five felony cases have ended with a felony conviction (17%). Approximately 67% result in dismissal without legal consequences for the alleged criminal offender. And about 20% of the felony cases dismissed were crimes of violence.”

In 2021, “Williams rejected 46% of violent felony arrests for such criminal acts as murder, rape, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, among others. That represents an 84% increase over his predecessor.”

You get the picture.

It is in no way surprising that Williams and his mother found themselves victims of a crime in a city that Williams has made a haven for criminals. What’s surprising is that Williams didn’t see it coming a long time ago.

Williams’ vehicle was later recovered by investigators, according to WWL. But Williams doesn’t care about the car. And even if he’s not about to do any reflecting on his own policies, the incident did make him reflect on the importance of family.

“My 5-year-old growing up without his dad, that would be a big deal. My 17-year-old going off to college without me in his life, that would be a big deal. Not seeing what my 23-year-old — all her phenomenal dreams that she’s got planned for the next several years — if I did not get to see that, that’s what’s important.”

That’s encouraging. Family is the bedrock of society, and in embracing his own Williams might come to see that his radical leftist stance on crime endangers families and poisons society.

Then again, maybe not.

Radical progressives like Williams may have moments of clarity now and then, but — like alcoholics realizing they have a problem — odds are they’ll be coaxed back into inebriation by a Soros-induced fever dream that promises utopia and delivers hell.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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