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Is there a good way to express disgusted, fed up, tired of, cut the cr*p, or any other adjective to describe what is going on in our Nation’s Capital? I can’t think of any words that would be acceptable to decent folks, and still describe the situation correctly.

So let’s just get on with what we are dealing with.

We have a Government of immature, selfish people that call themselves Professionals; that have been given, through the hard work and finances of parents, self, Scholarships, and many others, an education that was supposed to allow them to contribute to their Society, to rise above others, to increase their status in the Community, and, of course, to help improve and sustain the Community. Basically, to better themselves and help their brethren do the same.

What I have seen for the past nine (9) years is a Government that has put the United States in decline.

Total blame cannot be put on President Obama, but also on those who served under him and did nothing to stop his movement of this great Nation to a Socialistic system.

The Democratic Party, controlled mostly by Progressive Liberals, were enthused and enamored by his programs.

The Republicans, whose view of America was different, went along anyway because they wanted to keep their individual power and authority, and the economic status they were enjoying. They forgot their roots. They put aside the needs and desires of the very folks that put them in that position. They have become so ensconced in the status quo of their life in Washington, D.C., they actually believed they were on the side of “right”. They convinced themselves they knew better what was best for the ‘People’.

Then came time for a National Election.

The years 2015 and 2016 brought about an awakening this land had not seen for over two hundred (200) years.

The middle class had reached a point of total dissatisfaction. They had begun to feel the repercussions of Socialism. A movement that started in the 1960’s was beginning to settle in to the very core of the “American Dream”.

These folks, who worked hard to raise their families, and prepare their children for the future, had reached their retirement, only to find it certainly was not the Golden Years. Their money was being taken with higher taxes, higher consumer prices, and extremely high tuition fees at Colleges and Universities. At the same time, the poor were getting poorer. Neighborhoods were declining, especially in the lower income areas.

Under President Obama, I believe, there was an underlying movement to keep the Black Community down, to increase the rhetoric of discrimination toward the Blacks’ by the White Community. Obama, being half White, half Black (Kenyan), promised to eliminate all discrimination, but in actuality he promoted the strong split between the races. Who else would be so accomplished in such a feat; he knew how to handle both sides of the spectrum. He knew the Black Community trusted him as a brother-in-black. Their vote would be positive. And the White Community, fearing the title of Racists, would also go along and vote for the first Black for President of the USA.

Meanwhile, the Democratic members of the Legislative body were seeing an opportunity in this situation. Obama ran as a Democrat, realizing the opportunity there for himself, and supported financially by Millionaire Democrats throughout the World.  The

Democrats were leaning strongly toward the word of Saul Alinsky, and that is just what Obama needed to advance his Socialistic agenda; that and the fact that he was raised by Grandparents that were totally into Socialism. The Democrats promised the ‘world’ to the Black Community to earn their vote.

President Obama and his followers made a radical change to our Democracy; so much so that the Democrats were totally in his favor. The intense fervor that has taken hold of that Party is near phenomenal. Their actions resemble that of eager High School students attending a pep rally before the big game.

Meanwhile, the Nation is in turmoil. We are divided, as never before. The Middle Class voted in to the Presidency a Businessman. A very successful man. The absolute change has thrown the Democrats/Liberals into a frenzy. He is not at all Politically

Correct! And that is what has the Democrats and Liberals so infuriated. To be Politically correct, in their observation, pictures them as a humanitarian people.

A very false image.

I believe we are reaching the boiling point. One can only hope that reason and common sense will take hold of the people. The only voice they have is their vote, and communication with their individual Representatives.

May God Bless us in this hour of violence and discord.

iPatriot Contributers


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