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Now that the Mueller investigation has ended with no recommendation of further indictments it is time for the people who perpetrated this hoax to be held accountable. According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, sedition is defined as “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority” also “the crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government.”

Several people in Congress and other federal agencies should be brought up on such charges including Hillary Clinton who may also be guilty of treason. Some of these congressional members have blatantly lied to the American people.

Telling Americans that they should resist the government run by Donald Trump clearly falls under the sedition umbrella and there are so many Democrat representatives that have done this that printing a list of them would just be tedious. The same rings true of Republican “never Trumpers” those RINOs that are every bit as guilty as the likes of Maxine Waters.

Back to Mueller’s investigation it most certainly appears that this entire fiasco was manufactured by team Hillary to try to sway the election and then later to try to delegitimize the Trump presidency. This is clearly criminal activity. It is just a pity that John McCain still isn’t alive to face the music because his behavior was despicable being a major player in this hoax.

Democrats, in general, are guilty of wasting over 25 million dollars of the people’s money and from recent reports, they want to drag Mueller in front of the House to explain to Democrats why he failed them. They are also insisting that the “investigation” continue probably until Trump finishes his second term.

This is not what America is about. This is sedition. The same kind of sedition that the Democrat Party’s brown-shirts namely Antifa, BLM, BAMN, and others have perpetrated on our great republic. It is enough already and someone has to pay and pay big for what they have done to the president and the country.

Hillary Clinton and all of her cohorts need to be held accountable or we just don’t have a country anymore and apparently, that is just what the Democrats want with their open borders ideology. The gauntlet must be dropped. If these people aren’t held accountable, why would any citizen respect or obey any law? If laws aren’t good enough for them, they shouldn’t be good enough for the rest of us either.

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