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Formerly the institutions of Churches, Schools the Family, as well as governments, encouraged limitation of both the cognitive and visceral appetites and they did so natively (1); those functions have been usurped and principally, albeit unconsciously, corrupted by a cultural acquiescence to insidiously baneful social-remedies of the social scientist. The social-sciences employ the methods of science predicated upon the a priori rejection (2) of Classical Western Cultural metaphysics; in this rejection, the social-sciences join the University… Now note that that we do not argue against, or reject the method (3), of science; what is wrong is that “social scientists” – in deference to a logical-positivism advocated by Wittgenstein, and others – predicate the method upon principles that pre-ordain advocacies for sociopathology; this because the only morality of meaning – by the standards of science – are those which seek to sate an impetus/urge; any other morality is absurd… Sciences – specifically the social-sciences – may acknowledge and treat quantitative differences (e.g., distribution of finite resources) between people and groups of people, but must implacably remain silent regarding qualitative (e.g., moral) differences amongst humans… Moreover, it should not surprise to find that some scientists may deny to human’s a superiority vis-à-vis other animals – particularly moral superiority; morality is a qualitative difference, immeasurable and thus, meaningless to the scientist… It seems the unconscious wont (habit) of some human beings, known as scientists, to ascribe moral superiority to some quadrupeds…

1 Natively as a reflex; their unconsciously embraced metaphysic was the metaphysics of the perennial philosophy i.e., existential Realism of Catholicism that produced classical Western Culture i.e., Christendom. Christendom – a synthesized philosophical worldview generated from a nexus of Greek, Roman, and Hebrew cultures with Christianity.

2 The a priori (i.e., before and independent of the fact of existence) rejection of Classical Western metaphysics is tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bath-water; if “X” cannot be weighed, measured or quantified, then “X’ is scientifically meaningless…

3 Here we point to an inconsistency, the scientific method assumes only measurable reality is the province of science, but in light of modern theoretical physics e.g., String theory which is technically a metaphysical theorem, and therefore by the quaint understanding of science as measurable, a non-scientific theorem. Mathematics may be asserted as the tool employed to measure, but modern science has always held empirical measures as the necessary “hand-shake” to validate a theorem as scientific. What physical instrument may measure 5th, 6th, 7th…nth dimensions?

We note in passing: the aforementioned usurpation is due largely to an unconscious cultural reflexive assent/neglect in favor of sociopathic substitutes e.g., the social sciences and their parasitic-minions i.e., psychologists, sociologists & social-welfare workers; they, unlike Churches, Schools and the Family, subsist & flourish through social turmoil. This is not to suggest that the social sciences consciously are working to destroy society; they, as the University Proper, are a reflection of their assumptions (4), regarding the nature of “man” and the nature of “existence.” Thus, the irony that the practice of sociology (as well as the other social “sciences”) is sociopathic! That is the social-sciences – integrated into society’s cultural development of acceptable “norms”- tacitly promote social decay by ubiquitously anti-social actions… Sociopaths are a by-product of bracketing the non-scientific concepts – such as natural law morality – from these sciences; by omitting the concepts human nature, human being etc. – non-human behavior – or should I say “inhuman” behavior – is tacit, albeit axiomatically, and unconsciously, encouraged by these social sciences…

4 The assumptions of the Social Sciences are thought to be free of the theological taint of Christendom and other ‘non-scientific’ idioms e.g., the concept of human-nature, or natural, have historically allowed “science” to be lead into blind alleys; as it is these “Sciences” (i.e., social-sciences) at their inception, were religions themselves sans the otherworldly mumbo-jumbo i.e., they were religions advocating the worship of various aspects of the material world e.g., August Comte proposed Social-positivism, as the worship of the ideal society, social-positivism developed into the science Sociology… These very assumptions of these sciences hold man as part of a biological continuum which ineluctably prepared and enabled the human butchery (as science and philosophy unconsciously conspire) witnessed in the 20th Century’s two World Wars, and as well as subsequent dystopian acts whether those acts be societal or individual. Thus, the era of the Übermensch surmounts Christendom, as prophesied by Nietzsche.

If – in studying reality – one prescinds i.e., cuts off or eliminates, the parts of reality unnamable to one’s weltanschauung, one is an ideologue. Another irony of modern science results from the circumscription imposed upon objective-reality by logical positivistic (i.e., reality is reduced to a Procrustean bed); thus, the logical-positivism, used to cleanse science from metaphysics with its theological overtones, has come full-circle with modern theoretical physics… see note # 3

The superiority of organizing a society in accordance with Judeo-Christian principles – so as to “Promote the General Welfare” as well as, the sundry items contained in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution – as opposed to “scientific principles i.e., the “philosophic” (ideological) principles of logical positivism, is overwhelmingly a prima-facie argument favoring the former, while repudiating the latter – for those that would examine the evidence! Unfortunately, the scientific community seems too invested in the dogma’s, which were to free them from theological dogmatism…? Again, it seems we come full circle; above we wrote of reality attenuated by a priori doctrine; here we write not of the dogmas thru which reality is cut-down-to-size, but instead of the unrelenting dogmatists that refuse to acknowledge what harm their disciplines have wrought upon the General Welfare…

Erstwhile social structures and social institutions – organically circumscribed by objective principles of morality (predominantly promulgated by sundry Christian Churches) – providing models, although imperfect models – but tending toward the amelioration of injustice. Such structures and institutions were rational and logically consistent with goals of the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States, which presupposes a rational i.e., moral electorate. With the social-sciences supplanting Churches – Churches having willfully retreated from articulating the moral law – these social-science disciplines promote appetite satiation, irrationality, nihilistic hedonism a.k.a. an increasingly ubiquitous anti-social behavior and lifestyles, and souls inimical to self-governance…

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