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Neither Hillary Clinton nor the head of the Democrat party can explain the difference between an “establishment” Democrat and a Socialist today, because there is none.

That’s why the Democrat Party considers Bernie Sanders, an openly avowed Socialist, to be a potential presidential candidate for their party.  The core problem with America electing Socialist politicians, is that there is a fundamental mismatch between American political philosophy (as the Founding Fathers saw it and embodied it into our Constitution) and Socialistic philosophy, and this mismatch makes it impossible, yes IMPOSSIBLE, to be a Socialist and still abide by the oath of office our Constitution requires all serving politicians to swear.

The Founders believed that the function of a rightful government was to protect the individual liberty of each of its citizens, rather than to protect either the individual citizens themselves, or the society as a whole.  They believed, and our first 125 years proved, that citizens could take care of themselves and be happy and prosperous if the government did only that.  Those are the core concepts of “Americanism.”  Socialism on the other hand, is founded on the belief that the function of the government is to protect the society as a whole, even at the expense of the individual citizen’s liberties, when they conflict.

The two are totally incompatible.

Since the Constitution embodies the philosophical principles of the Founders, and since all federal office holders are required to swear to protect and support our Constitution as their primary obligation of office, it is essentially impossible for a Socialist (like Obama, Hillary, or Bernie Sanders) to take the oath honestly (especially since it also includes the statement that it is being taken “without reservation or purpose of evasion”) and abide by it, unless they are also willing foreswear their socialistic philosophical and political beliefs while in office.  This is most unlikely, since they use those principles as part of their political platform to get elected.

Much has been made of whether or not America is “exceptional,” in a way that other countries are not.

As I pointed out in another article, the answer is that we are, and the reason is because we are the only country in history that was founded and run on the basis of giving priority to the individual citizen’s liberty over everything else, including “the good of society” generally.  It would be wise for all voting American citizens, and even more so for our politicians, to remember this.


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