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So, what is better: some level of economic competition among nations, or international socialism?  The latter appears to be more fair, but socialism always stagnates within a country unless the country has an external foe to keep it somewhat competitive.  If socialism were internationalized in the name of democracy, the whole world would stagnate, leading paradoxically to less democracy and less responsive government.  This is the fact that socialists always miss and always ignore because of their blind commitment to Hegel’s dialectical metaphysics.  [This faith in the dialectic is generally a consequence of their lack of faith in a living God, but I digress.]  But history goes on, no matter if socialists or liberals announce its end.  Humans become complacent and lazy if they encounter no challenge to improve themselves.  These truths never change because, though socialists refuse to admit it, they are truths of human nature–or of human reality, if you prefer.

Some international economic competition is good.  But international economic competition needs serious constraint from international law to prevent its being exploitative of other countries and to counter the natural inclination to serve the interests of mammon rather than of human values.  While socialists ignore the reality of human acedia, capitalists ignore the reality of human greed.

A choice between socialism and capitalism therefore is a false choice.  Both ideas ignore certain truths of human nature and/or the consequences of permitting those truths to run their course without redress by the law.  What we need therefore, as the Philosopher taught us, is the golden mean, not either of two extremes.

In view of the problems associated with global governance and the consequential lack thereof, however, the viability of an international economic system which generally lacks mechanisms to enforce international law is questionable, at best.  So, what can we do to help bring about a world economic order that is fair to all people and that does not trample upon human values or lead to human stagnation?

We should always insist that all proposed developments be done in solidarity with the entire human race.  Socialism by contrast insists on a solidarity with some and against others, and capitalism has solidarity with no one.  As we insist on human solidarity in the economic realm, international laws and norms will gradually come into place to make deviations from laws punishable by the international community.  [International treaties will play a key part in bringing this about.  Thus, they should be greatly scrutinized by the people in the nations that are considering adopting them.  But again, I digress.]

So, we are involved in a global spiritual struggle.  Socialism apes this struggle, but socialism has no more love for the proletariat than it does for the banker, because, in a word, socialism has no love of any kind.  Human beings are as disposable for socialists in their supposed struggle as they are for capitalists going about their business of acquiring more, and more, and more.


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