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“Human Rights” and “Social Justice” are a violation of both rights and justice. And both are simple concepts which are not negotiable.


Each person, individually, has a right to life, liberty and property, unless they try to take that right from another, in which case he loses all rights. No criminal has a right to anything. Every “human right” given to a criminal is an unjust privilege which mocks justice and violates the rights of the victim of the crime. Rights cannot be collectivized. They are individual and only applicable to a natural person, for a collective has no life, liberty or property apart from its individual members.


Justice occurs when each person gets rewarded for his merits and punished for his offenses as soon as possible. If a person gets punished for his virtues or rewarded for his crimes it is injustice. If one person can be punished for a crime and another cannot, it is injustice. If one person gets a speedy trial and another does not, it is injustice. “Social justice” attempts to give corruption, sloth, and criminality “equality” when they have, by definition, lost these rights, by commission or omission.


“Tolerance” is an attempt to confuse mercy with impunity. Mercy can only occur after conviction of a crime. Impunity prevents judgment and thus prevents both justice and mercy, which leads to resentment instead of healing.


Criminal behavior requires that action results in a loss of rights. Absent the loss of rights. The alleged “feelings” or “suffering” of anyone is no proof whatever of injustice or a violation of rights by another.


“Political correctness” is a fraud with the sinister purpose of thought control by authority. It is tyranny in its worst form.


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