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SOCIALISM appears to be that type of Society where the Government offers free education, free medical care, rent assistance, travel to work assistance, and food stamps. One also gets easy-to-apply-for unemployment funds with almost any excuse (i.e. getting fired, drunk on the job, too many days off etc. etc.). I can attest to this as a previous employer, I encountered all of these.

My place of business was in New York City; a place of such History, such beauty, and such diversified ethnic backgrounds. The proximity of Ellis Island, the landing port for previous Immigrants in the past, made it easy to vet and assimilate entrants. They were all honest and hard-working folks, as they proved over time.

Today, we have such a mix of backgrounds, of ethnicity, and questionable reasons for coming to our land, it is almost impossible to accommodate and vet all in a reasonable time.

Do you not question the vast numbers of people currently making up the so-called caravan trekking toward our Southern Border; the buses and trucks to move them; the care and feeding along the route? This must be organized. It has to be. It seems obvious these thousands of people did not conveniently decide, all at the same time, to make the trek, without the promise of provisions and a happy ending.

It has been proven by honest hard-working Reporters, the presence of criminals and gang members within the hordes (as in the Trojan horse used by the Greeks in days past); the women and children scattered about, having been conveniently placed to offset the true reason for this situation; that being drug and human trafficking. This has been put in place to thwart the wall that President Trump has been attempting to build.

It would certainly put a serious dent in both areas; most assuredly the drug trafficking.

Then we have the Liberal, Socialistic Democrats with their hypocrisy and lies, pretending to support and aid these people that supposedly make up the caravan, while demonizing our President and his staff, insisting they are to blame for the porous condition of our Southern Border. One only has to research the voting History of this Party to realize their true persona.

Senator Schumer, a long standing New Yorker, is aware of the immigrant effect on his home town. But he, like many other Democrats, cares only about himself, his immediate family, and his neighborhood; which is well protected from the “unwanted”. Witness also the homes of the prominent California Democratic Politicians, as well as the entertainers, all with their “walled” property, and bodyguards with them at every step of the way.

They call for big government, a Socialistic Government, which would financially bankrupt itself after all the “freebies” are distributed. Said millionaires call for distributing the wealth, (yours, not theirs). Their system would totally break the Nation financially. It has been proven in History.

One can and should research History further, and see the outcome of Socialistic societies.

Today’s youngsters, the Millennial generation among them, do not have a true and realistic understanding of History. Technology has deprived them of the curiosity to question, to reason, to think, to truly interpret History and their surroundings. I’m sure they feel, as we did, that adults are stupid. That only they have the true answers. They know it all.

But, and that’s a big BUT!!; We did not have the technology, as they do, to mix-up our thoughts and distort our common sense. We had our parents, our teachers, books to read, Libraries to depend on, and experiences to help us along. We did alright.

As an every day reminder, of what I speak, I encourage you to follow the words and actions of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly elected Senator from the 14th district in New York City. She claims to be from the Bronx. Well, of course, if one considers their current address as where they “come from”; such as did Hillary Clinton when running for NY State Senator, then it is easy to run in almost any race. Cortez is from Westchester County, and her family is quite comfortable financially (but she can’t afford an apartment in Washington D.C.).

But back to Ms. Cortez. It appears to me she has taken advantage of her current address, and her ethnic background, to appeal to the voters of this district. To know the true Ms. Cortez, one only has to keep track of her interviews, and her ridiculous answers since winning the election. She makes no common sense with her opinions. She has proven her inability to serve the constituents and voters of her district with a sensible and mature demeanor. She has an obvious lack of knowledge of that of which she speaks.

Oddly enough, I equate Juan Williams, a member of the FOX panel on THE FIVE, with Ms. Cortez. His comments and opinions are so immature, comically inaccurate, and way off base emotionally and factually, that I see a valid comparison. He is unable to speak without blaming something on Pres. Trump.

What ever happened to the “good sports” who lost elections?

The Democrats have influenced our young today in a very bad way. The violence of the protests has spilled over into the High School sports, the entertainment venues, and yes, even the University Halls.

Look to your hearts for answers, talk with your family, friends and neighbors, exchange opinions and listen hard to all . And don’t forget to speak with God.

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