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This essay is dedicated to the further education of Colin Kaepernick, et all, and before we get to the heart of this essay, I want to cover Colin’s racists stunt and why it interfaces with the title of the essay.

Colin’s pathetic National Anthem spectacle and many other forms of black racial protests stem from the fact that their ancestors (at least most of them) were brought into this country as slaves. That is the root cause of “black victim-hood” thinking in this country. A portion of black Americans believe that fact forevermore grants black Americans some kind of victim status in this country; so their casus belli is the concept that white people in this country own them because of slavery. But let’s deal with Colin’s education first.

While the NFL has a majority of black American players, NFL fans in a far greater majority are white and the overwhelming majority of those fans stand for the anthem; the fans pay for the tickets which assists in paying the players salary’s . The many millions of Americans who don’t actually go to the games watch them on T.V.

T.V. revenues pay the majority of the fantastic money the NFL receives every year. We already are getting news that stadium attendance and T.V. ratings are falling this year; Monday Night Football down, 20% from last year, Sunday Night Football, down 18.5 % from last year, Thursday Night Football, down 21.8 %. Ok, not all of that has to do with the Anthem disgrace. After all this was an election year. But I think we have all have listened to many people talking about how angry they become with the knelling during the Anthem and why some just switch the T.V off or to another channel because of that. Think about it.

The vast majority of those Americans, black and white, do not like anyone dishonoring our National Anthem; an overwhelming number of Americans love to stand during the playing of our National Anthem because so doing honors our country, honors all the men and women who have died and become disabled fighting to keep our country safe, free and a light to the word.

Eventually, Colin and his protégés protests are going to be seen for what they really are supporting; Colin is aligning himself with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd and its ominous beliefs. Colin states “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and other people of color.” His rant goes on, “To me this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.” “There are bodies in the streets and people are getting away with murder.”

Wow. What wrong with this protest? Let me count the ways. Colin says,” he is not going to honor the flag of a country that oppresses black people.” As I will show below Colin, the country you show so much disgust for has overall been one of the élite countries in the world for all of its citizens and that certainly includes black Americans.
By oppression do you mean the country that produced the wonderful people who took you in when your black parent(s) didn’t want you? Was that oppression? Did you mean that white family, who gave you the best of everything they could provide, was that oppressing you? Was that family, with their love, with the outstanding education the provided you, was that a part of the oppression you are referring to?
You say,” There are bodies in the streets and people are getting away with murder.” Well in that you are absolutely right, but your conclusions as to why that slaughter is taking place are so far from the truth they are ridiculous.

Colin has only hinted at what his problem is. He hasn’t yet had to come out with the truth. What he is really saying is that he is protesting white police officers hunting down and shooting innocent black men. That is the lie that “Black Lives Matter” gang was founded on. That lie has been proven many times over to be an appalling lie to most Americans, well obviously not to Obama and Hillary. So Colin has painted himself into that nasty corner. Sooner or later he may have to come out and actually say what he is protesting and if he does, he is going to be viewed as either a fool or a liar.
But now let’s get into the meat of this essay; Slavery in the United States and who did what to who and why.

What should be astonishing, but due to our predominantly ideologically left wing educational institutes clearly isn’t; from high school up, American students think slavery is an American invention.
A Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin Oskosh has been conducting a “Cultural Literacy” program for the last eleven years. His conclusions are as follows; “Students come to collage without the basic rudiments of American history or Western culture. Most of my students could not tell me anything meaningful about slavery outside of America. They are convinced because of the lack of a factual education that slavery was an American problem that more or less ended after the Civil War. These students are very fuzzy about the history of slavery prior to our Colonial era. Their entire education about slavery was confined to America.”

Well let’s fix that. Here are facts plainly not known to many Americans, perhaps most Americans. Why they are not known to most Americans is a condemnation of the current American educational ethos.
Slavery has been a part of human civilization from time immemorial. The oldest known civilization in history, Mesopotamia had slaves; the ancient Greeks had slaves, the Romans had slaves, at the peak of Roman power, one third of the city of Rome was populated by slaves.

Slavery has existed throughout the continent of Africa for centuries and continues to the present day in some African countries. Throughout history slavery has been a part of all known civilizations and societies.

So slavery was not invented in the southern part of the United States of America. Now that should be common knowledge, but not to the race baiters and their puppets throughout America for most of the twentieth and twenty-first century’s. Their main mission in life is to insure that as many black Americans as possible firmly believe black Americans are victims of a white society founded in racism and slavery.

Here is some information that I can assure you is not known by many, perhaps most Americans white or black and certainly not in the curriculums of our high schools and universities.
The first slave owner in America, Anthony Johnson, was not only a black slave owner, but one who went to court and demanded to become one! (Just Google it) Now I would like to hear Reverend Sharpton get on his platform and explain that one to Colin wouldn’t you?

I do not believe the majority of black Americans are full of racial disdain for white Americans, and this country concerning slavery or what do they call it now, oh yeah, “White Privilege,” but there sure appears to be a large minority that are. So let’s speak to that minority. I think enlightenment on the subject is deserved. Let us go deep into historical information on slavery, to achieve a little clarity and we will start with: Slavery in Africa: Like many other regions of the world, slavery has existed in the many kingdoms and societies of Africa for thousands of years. Several nations such as the Ashanti of present day Ghana and the Yoruba of present day Nigeria were involved in slave trading. Those groups would serve as intermediaries to capture people for export as slaves. They received payment for selling their black brothers and sisters into slavery. Remember these are black Africans, not white Americans.

Historical estimates have provided information about black Africans captured and then sold to Europeans. They show that around 90 % of the black African’s who were shipped in the Atlantic slave trade were captured and sold by other black Africans. So the “Roots” T.V. version of white slave traders roaming around Africa and capturing black slaves is highly exaggerated. White slave traders, while some went into the interior, pretty much stayed in enclaves on the coast of West Africa and waited for black Africans to bring in those other black African’s, whom they had captured, to sell as slaves; again, approximately 90% of black people who came into our country as slaves were made slaves by other black Africans.
To be fair, there were some communities in West Africa that resisted the slave trade. The Mossi Kingdom was one that became a defender against slave raiding/trading. European accounts also identified no significant slave raiding/trading in the Upper Guinea region. But those communities were in the minority.
Here is a word of caution for my black Americans friends; your next door neighbor’s may well have ancestors who were Ashanti’s or Yoruba’s and worked the slave trade. In addition, many other African nations were also involved in capturing slaves for the slave market such as the Imbangala of Angola and the Nyamwezi of Tanzania. Now think about it. It is much more likely that your black neighbor‘s ancestors were involved in slave trading than that were your white neighbor’s ancestors. I guess one just has to be careful of one’s neighbors. You know just saying.
Some black people in the United States seem oblivious to the historical fact that throughout history many, many times more non-black people than black people have been slaves. The medieval slave trade in Europe was so widespread that the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly tried to prohibit it, without success.
The slave trade in medieval Europe was mainly tied to the East and South; the Slavic countries with white populations. So many Slavs were enslaved for so many centuries that the word “Slav” became synonymous with slavery. The word slave encapsulates a bit of European history and helps explain why the two words (slaves and Slavs) are so similar, they are in fact, historically identified. It didn’t start in America Reverend Farrakhan.

Then we get to the fact that it was white people who stopped the Atlantic salve trade. Of course it was both white and black people who participated in it; money was being made both ways. OBTW, I can find no historical data that any black African nation was involved in the disintegration of that terrible trade.

In fact it was the British government (at least 99.9% white) who in 1833, in its Parliament, passed the “Slavery Abolition Act” which freed all slaves in the British Empire. The British Navy then had permission to stop and detain any ship transporting slaves; they did that job very well, as is the wont of the Royal Navy.

But the British were not the first nation to take action against slavery. In 1781 the country of Portugal abolished slavery in metropolitan Portugal. This abolishment did not affect their colonies in Brazil and Africa. In 1803 it was Denmark-Norway that implemented a ban on the slave trade, slavery itself was not banned in those countries until 1848.
In the 19th century, the anti-slavery concept was a common denominator throughout Western Europe. Europe in those days was an overwhelmingly white dominated culture. Those people made their choice; they no longer wanted to have slaves in their cultures; in Africa well, not so much.

Of course in those days, there were still African empires thriving on slaves and the slave trade. These included the Oyo Empire (Yoruba), Kong Empire, Imamate of Furta Jallon, Kingdom of Koya, Kingdom of Khasso, Kingdom of Kaabu, Ashanti Confederacy and the Kingdom of Dahomey. Black on black slavery was still very much in vogue in the Africa of American black’s ancestors after white Europeans banned it.
Now let’s get to the United States. How many people in the United States have any idea what the percentage of Americans was who actually owned slaves in 1860?
Surprise, surprise, it may shock you to find out what those percentages actually were. At the peak of black slavery in the South, only about 6 percent of Southern whites owed even one slave. In 1860, if you include all of the people in the North, in other words all of the population of America, that percentage drops all the way down to 1.4%. Do we get it? All the black root anger about white American being a vast slave owning country, all the white liberals puerile religion of guilt, all of it is nonsense!

Did we have slavery in America? Yes we did. Is slavery a negative malady for a nation and its population? Yes it is. Was slavery unique to the United States of America? No it was not. Was it as anything close to what was going on with black on black slavery in Africa? Not even close. Far less than 2 % of all Americans owned slaves, when slavery was at its height in our country. Keep in mind, it was WHITE CHRISTIANS that made a concentrated effort to ABOLISH slavery in Europe and America and succeeded in that goal.

Here is another eye opener never spoken of in our schools or politics; an estimated 3,000 free black Americans owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in our country in 1860 (yes Colin, there were free black Americans). One study concluded that about 28 % of free black Americans owned slaves in 1860. Let’s see 28% of free black Americans owned slaves in 1860 VS 1.4 % of free white Americans owning slaves in 1860. Interesting, ya think?

Hey Colin maybe you should pull your head out of one of your larger orifices, do some studying and stop with the “I am a victim of race” attitude. I would have thought it was rather difficult to be making the millions of dollars you are making, being raised by a great white family, being lionized by NFL fans (mostly white) and still be a “victim.”
In 1863, President Lincoln issued the “Emancipation Proclamation” freeing all slaves in the United States of America. That would mean that when the North won the Civil War even the 1.4 % of Americans who had slaves would no longer have them.

At that time our country was engaged in a horrendous Civil War, costing hundreds of thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of terrible casualties, on both sides, the great majority were white soldiers, but also some black Americans, fighting against slavery. That war was fought because the vast majority of Americans from the northern states, white and black, did not want to live in a nation that accepted slavery.

Now I have heard the tiresome fraudulent claim from the, “we know it all political left wing hacks, and the great majority of the black politicos in our country, the sneering claim that the civil war was not about slavery, it was about saving the Union, nothing to do with slavery. But these geniuses never ask the obvious next question; which was, wait for it, why did the Union need saving? It needed saving of course, because most of the nation did not want a country that practiced slavery and it had to defeat that portion of the country that did, so our Civil War was about the abolition of slavery, you idiots.

The first Union Army of the Republic was an all-volunteer Army. It was a white Army. It was 100,000 men strong. These volunteers came from all walks of life. They came from Northern cities, from mid-west farms, from frontier settlements and they came because they did not want to live in a country in which slavery was accepted. These brave men and concerned Americans left their homes, farms and families in order to do what they considered their God given duty, to abolish slavery in America.

And so to Colin Kapernick; Colin Kapernick has lived a charmed life. He was immensely fortunate to be chosen by white foster parents who provided him with love, a family, and a tremendous education. Colin took advantage of everything he received, worked hard and became a great athlete. He was good enough to become the quarterback for an illustrious National Football League team, the San Francisco Forty-Niners.

Then for several reasons I am not going to discuss here, Colin evidently decides he wants to do something to make himself appear relevant once more, tuned into black America and become even more noticed.
Remaining seated while our National Anthem is being played at the start of an NFL game was his answer, his reasoning was pathetic. Colin states, “There are bodies in the streets and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.”

Well Colin is absolutely right there are bodies in the streets. But not because of the foolish reasons he chose to use. Actual example, the black on black murder rate in Chicago during the last few years is larger than the death rate suffered by our troops fighting a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes there are bodies in the streets and the killing has been going on for many years in Chicago and in other cities in this country. Of course that isn’t what Colin means. He is trying to lay the blame for his concerns on police officers in this country shooting innocent black people.
Colin, the police are not the problem you are trying to address. Law enforcement stats irrefutably show our that although black people in America are involved in about 70% of violent crimes in our country and they are only about 14% of our population; police actually shoot more white criminals than black; black people killing other black people is the real problem in our country, but too many black Americans cannot seem to deal with that.

Many black entertainers, sports people and politicians continue on Colin’s theme. They snidely say that what Colin is protesting about is not heard or talked about much in this country; inferring that white people are embarrassed to talk about police shooting black people. I don’t know where they hang out, but I hear many black folks on T.V. and radio loudly and proudly insist that police in this country are hunting black people to shoot. That is the lie on the banner for the “Black Lives Matter” brigade, so news flash to Colin and all the rest, what really isn’t being talked about is the reason for this essay.
White Americans, in the great majority, want black Americans to be successful, good, patriotic Americans. And as we have seen, the majority of black Americans are and want the same. But black Americans, who follow the “Black Lives Matter” lie and enshrine their “victimhood “ are only making themselves look ignorant; although the Political Correctness epidemic that has so infected our country under President Obama, makes anyone who protests about their lies, a racists and I would suppose that would include this essay for those folks. Too Bad!

Colin if your deluded conscience is so sensitive that it hurts you to stand for our national anthem, because of black bodies in the streets, then please ask yourself, why haven’t moneyed people like yourself, people who believe black lives matter, and deplore bodies in the streets, why haven’t you folks taken the tough and expensive steps required to inspire huge rallies to save black lives in places like Chicago, where black Americans are killing other black Americans by the hundreds?

It isn’t the police that are the predominant problem Colin it is black on black shootings and murder that is the actual problem. Colin, sponsor rallies to prevent black on black shootings, if you would do that, the Police would join with you. I mean if you would take that kind of positive actions Colin, you would really be a hero.

And then Colin ask yourself, why in hell haven’t the Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel or the Democrat Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner taken action to stop the wanton killing. What hasn’t this so called black President; President Obama used all of the many powers he has to stop that killing? Please think about that and then attempt to find an honest answer.
Well let’s throw a little light on this revolting problem and make sure that more people understand some things. What many Americans haven’t been told by our corrupt media, by the Governor of Illinois, by the Mayor of Chicago or by our President is this: Chicago is the major distribution point in our mid-west for the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel (Chapo Guzman) and has been for years. Ya think that may have something to do with the massacres?

Many of the shootings in Chicago, probably most of them, are drug distribution and sales related. Why have these hideous crimes been allowed to go on and on; to continue for so many years without the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois or the White House putting a complete stop to them? As usual my friends follow the money trail.
There is no dammed legal reason those three mentioned above, could not have stopped that slaughter years ago. There may however be other reasons, not so legal, why they have not. Maybe one day when the people of Illinois can receive truthful answers to those types of deadly questions, we will find out.

So here is a little clarity. It should be transparent to all that that if only 1.4 % of the American population owed a slave in 1860, and our population was then 31,443,321 and our population is now 321,420,000 (about a 10% increase) then the percentage of Americans whose ancestors owned slaves in 1860, (1.4 %) by 2016, is now so minute and insignificant as to be ridiculous.
Come off it you black lives matter American’s and those who consider yourself victims, study some history and stop with the violent nonsense. You have never been slaves and the overwhelming number of white Americans in this country has never had anything to do with slavery and detests even the concept of that condition.

Black America’s real problems come directly from the Democrat party and the terrible decisions made by that party in relation to black Americans. The Democrat Party has been promising black Americans a “Golden Age” every four years for decades. The Democrats have continued to show their lack of respect and disdain for black Americans by continuing to lie to them and continuing to fail with those promise for decades, because they never had any intention of keeping those promises anyway. Why black Americans have continued to believe the Dem’s and vote in large numbers for them, after all those years is unfathomable.
Black American’s have had a self-imposed prison sentence on the Democrat plantation for decades. Now is the time has come for them to escape Hillary’s plantation and start a dialogue with people who actually want to provide a path to success for them. Thank God in 2016 enough Americans of all colors made the right decision.

And finally, here’s a news flash Colin, the tremendous number of blacks being shot and killed isn’t being done by the Police, its being done by other black Americans. Come on man, you have the money and you sound like you want to get involved. Start looking and studying history and find out what the hell you are talking about and then start taking the actions that will in fact, actually save many black American lives. Insulting our National Anthem and Americans who honor it based upon a “Black Lives Matter” lie, only makes you look like an ignorant joke. Grow up you fool.


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