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There is all this talk about “fake news” and how the Main Stream Media is failing at its job. President Donald Trump’s attack on the MSM is unprecedented, he recently referred to the MSM as “the enemy of the American People!” in a tweet on Feb. 17.

On Friday (Feb. 24) Trump held a “press gaggle” in which Trump had blocked specific news networks from attending. This just blew the minds of the alt-left fake news networks, especially CNN; the Cable News Network’s Jake Tapper called the action “un-American.” The fake news network chimed in with “Apparently, this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don’t like. We’ll keep reporting regardless.”

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather called President Trump a “threat to our democracy” for denying journalist’s access to the “gaggle.” Rather, of all people defended the purveyors of fake news. Rather was fired from CBS News in 2004 after falsifying documents in an attempt to damage the re-election effort of former President George W. Bush.

The MSM isn’t just known for “fake news,” they have other tactics under their belts. They like to redirect the public’s attention away from the real news by overplaying insignificant “news” such as the “alleged” racism at the 2017 Grammy Awards which prevented Beyonce from winning Album of the Year or the speech Meryl Streep gave at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards attacking Trump.

This time, the alt-left MSM distracted Americans for the last two months as six Russian Diplomats died mysteriously, this sounds like something the Central Intelligence Agency would do. It’s no secret that the “Deep State” has disdain for Russia and Vladimir Putin specifically. Since Trump won the election, the MSM and the Left has tried to no avail to paint Trump’s success as the result of Putin’s “alleged” hacking of the DNC’s emails as well as the American voting system.

As much as Obama’s White House and Hillary Clinton tried to persuade Americans that Trump’s win was illegitimate, they failed.

Since late December 20, 2016, six top Russian diplomats, including three ambassadors, have died under circumstances which seems dodgy. The first Russian Diplomat to die was Andrey Karlov. Andrey Karlov was Russia’s ambassador to Turkey who was gunned down by a 22-year-old off-duty Turkish police officer in Ankara during a photo exhibition event. He took advantage of the situation to yell “Don’t forget Aleppo!”

The next day in Moscow, the body of a former employee of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the head of the Latin American Office of the Department was found dead of an apparent suicide. Apparent suicide?

On December 27 in Kazakhstan, the body of a Russian diplomat of the Consulate General, Roman Skrylnikov was found in a rented apartment in Ust-Kamenogorsk. There appeared to be no signs of a struggle.

A few weeks later on Jan. 9, another Russian diplomat died suddenly, a senior diplomat Andrey Malanin, this time in Athens, Greece. It has been reported that Malanin had died of natural causes, but no investigation has been concluded.

Russia’s ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, died on Jan. 26 following a “brief,” unspecified illness.

Most recently, on Feb. 20, Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, died suddenly while working at his office in New York. Unnamed government officials, however, told Reuters that Churkin had apparently died of a heart attack, though the exact cause of his death remains unknown. Churkin opposed his Western colleagues on a regular basis and often mocked them sarcastically.

When six diplomats of the United States biggest perceived enemy dies in a span of two months, something seems fishy.

A suicide. No signs of a struggle. Death by natural causes, unspecified illness, and a heart attack. This can only be the work of the “deep state.” Who or what organization could pull off feats like this?

Donald Trump’s willingness to work with Moscow and end decades of turmoil doesn’t set well with some in the “Deep State.” After all, NATO needs Russia in order to stay relevant and to give the Military Industrial Complex a reason to exist.

With the 2017 Oscars just around the corner, the MSM has already started distracting the public with nonsense such as #OscarsSoWhite and the lack of diversity in Hollywood. Who knows what important matters in politics and the world stage the MSM will ignore.





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