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Late-night comedy writers are reportedly frustrated that their unoriginal, stale, tired, and unfunny criticisms of President Donald Trump are not persuading Americans to hate him.

A century ago, before radio and certainly before television, newspapers and magazines that corresponded to a reader’s political and social views were standard, most cities carried at least two daily newspapers, usually one generally Democrat, one Republican-leaning. In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, people could choose between the Tribune and the Democrat, and readers read the news from the viewpoint they were most comfortable with.

Radio networks united the nation from coast to coast. It wasn’t long before office workers gathered around the glass water cooler to talk about the latest episode of “THE SHADOW.”

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CBS and NBC began producing newscasts that were heard from coast to coast; and the homogenization of American culture began. Television came along in the 1950s and the trends begun with radio mushroomed along with a single news “viewpoint”, i. e. Liberal Democrat. The threat hadn’t grown up yet, and that didn’t happen until the demise of the Conservative daily newspaper. The Left successfully turned the news business into a monopoly on information.

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The Big Three Networks said, “If you don’t hear it from us, it didn’t happen.”

Coverage of Vietnam in the 1960s was the first real test of the leftwing media monopoly. Even though the United States effectively ended the Viet Cong threat during the North’s failed Tet offensive, Comrade Walter Cronkite convinced us the war was lost, and so it was that by 1974, the Democrats in congress cut off all funding to the South Vietnamese government. A year later (yeah, it took an entire year) the North conquered the South and sent millions of boat people on the water to flee Communist tyranny.

But, the Democrats were happy, as were the Leftists in the media. They had shown their power internationally as well as domestically (Watergate) when Nixon resigned.

But, as they say, all “good” things come to an end, and Leftist hegemony wasn’t immune. They are now victims of their own success. Technology has returned us to the early 20th Century, but this time the Balkanization of news comes via the Internet, not newsprint.

Netflix and other streaming services give viewers a plethora of choices in entertainment and information. We choose what shows to watch, even binge watch, and what shows we avoid like the plague. We choose to watch CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC or we choose to watch FOX or other non-leftist news sources.

Online, we can read the NYT, WaPo, LA Times…. or Breitbart, Drudge, Townhall, and other venues that serve the conservative viewpoint.

And trust me, the LEFT DESPISES freedom of choice every bit as much as they hate freedom of speech. Or did you think the imbroglio over “NET NEUTRALITY” was really about fairness?

It’s about CONTROL, which means government censorship–taking away CHOICES the Left doesn’t like. Last year, Google twisted their search engines to lead people to “how do I vote for—” and the NUMBER ONE “suggestion” to appear on Google was Hillary Clinton.

Yet, those that typed, “How do I vote for—” and added a “D”—nothing. Not even spelling out Donald Trump helped because Google just couldn’t figure out what you were trying to ask it.

Yet, despite how large Google has grown, the power ultimately resides in the hands of the people. We the People chose Donald Trump over Hillary/Google, and they’re mad at us because we dared vote for the “wrong” candidate.

So, now comedians are upset because they can’t reach the very people that refuse to watch them, that ignore them, that pay absolutely no attention to anything these idiots have to say on any subject, but particularly so about politics and President Trump.

And to hear their collectivist whine since 9 November is music to our ears. It just kills them that their Evening at the Improv is attended by a smattering of “smart” people, but across town, a Nascar event draws a hundred thousand.

But, that’s okay they tell themselves. They know they’re superior and all the rest of us are hateful bigots that refused to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman.

Uh huh, we say, yawn, and grab the remote. POLDARK is on Amazon. I think I’ll watch an episode or two of that show and forget these whiny snowflakes are even vying for my attention.

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Robert McClain

A published science-fiction author, I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana. But, my first love is writing commentary from a conservative Christian viewpoint. I can be reached at [email protected]


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