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Sign the Petition: Support Our 45th President, Donald J. Trump!

Democracy has prevailed!


It doesn’t look that way when you turn on the television or look at the Internet. Millions of people have signed petitions urging the Electoral College to bypass democracy and vote for Hillary Clinton. Well, a few days ago, a petition was created to counter this unfathomable plea.

This petition is for all Americans who stand beside President Elect Trump and who demand that the electoral process is completed as agreed!

This is to all the Clinton supporters: and everyone else that is unhappy that President Elect Trump will be moving into the White House in January. Guess what? Our vote counts too! Both candidates knew the process going into the election and Hillary Clinton has conceded! The Electoral College represents ALL people in a state, not just those willing to cast their vote.

To the Electoral College: We call on you to vote according to your state’s consensus and within American tradition. The willing citizens of the United States have voted and now the electoral process should be completed as anticipated by voting for Donald J. Trump when the Electoral College convenes in December.

To Donald J. Trump, our 45th elected president: The silent majority was and is with you as you undertake this momentous task of transitioning into your new role as The President of The United States. We are behind you and we support you. Do not let the opposition discourage you because you are a great leader and will be an exceptional President!



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