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Out there in the wild and dangerous hunting grounds called the Free Market is an open secret that no one ever mentions.

The wealthy and powerful, the mega-corps, and the elected rulers…oops…Politicians, never acknowledge this and quite likely never will. They fear the day that working folk figure it out and fully understand that We the Working People pay for everything no matter what it is.

Disregard the screaming and shouting you may suddenly hear. We do!

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Eg. Bill Gates’ billions came via the backs of hard-working people around the world.

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How so?

Working people open their wallets or purses every day to buy MS products. Ah! But what about the huge corporations whose worldwide IT Departments use MS products? They spend millions on MS annually. Right?

Ah yes. But. Who is using those products? Answer: We the Working People do.

And all commerce, business, enterprise, as well as government from DC down to local city councils have but one purpose: Getting the individual to open his or her wallet.

Without us, nothing has value, and no productive activity takes place. So, no profits. And when We the Working People no longer have jobs because of the ever-increasing automation that is now underway, then what?

There will be nothing as far as an economy goes. Period. Trust me, automated systems don’t go out and spend a non-existent salary. Hmmm?

Does that idea help in understanding the push by Politicians to move us towards Socialism?

Socialism is a political system in which every day folk work but receive no pay for it.

How come?

Under Liberal Socialism or any other kind of Socialism, there are no salaries. If Socialism happens here in our USA, all Working People will work for the Government and the Government alone. That is how Socialism works.

That would include sportsman, actors, directors, politicians, etc. Heh. Heh.

Under Socialism there is a single Privileged Class; those at the very top of the Liberal Socialist ladder. All others stand in lines.

What will happen if Liberals or a Socialist like Bernie takes over?

Your Community Organizer will assign you accommodations that suit your Socialist Party Grade. Current homeowners will be forced out their homes with just a suitcase full of personal items. Their home is then ‘awarded’ to someone ‘more deserving.’

And those who move in, may or may not receive such items as cell phones, cars, clothes, healthy food, a TV, etc. Again, your Socialist Grade decides what you can have. Not own but use for as long as your Community Organizer sees fit. You must obey.

And if you protest? First, you lose what you’re allowed to own. If you still don’t comply it’s off to the Happy Holiday Working Camp where you’ll enjoy working while eating disgusting food and then you’ll die of early old age.

But I digress.

So, what do We the Working People enable and pay for at this point in our history?

We pay those hefty salaries to NFL players and all other professional athletes. And then too, the coaching staff, admin staff, Executives, Marketing & PR staff, janitors, and to all those corporations who advertise their products during NFL games. And for all other sporting events.

Government-wise, our taxes have paid to build or undertake renovations of NFL stadiums.

And, We the Working People buy their sponsor’s products advertised during games. And let’s not forget about Game and Season Tickets. Well then, who else do we pay?

All and everything in and to with the Hollywood’s Movie/TV industry, from top to bottom. From secretaries to Producers, to Directors, to screenwriters, to Actors, to stuntmen, to focus pullers, to coffee makers and janitors. But! How so?

By buying tickets to see a movie, or subscribing to Cable services like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Sports Channels and on and on. Without us doing this. None of the above would have any income let alone profits.

Simply put, the spending public creates the economy of a country. It’s those everyday folks like you and me. It’s not based on Public expenditure nor the budgets of large Corporations.

The wallets of ordinary folk are what drives all business transactions, at all levels.

And then as well via taxes: We have paid all salaries for all Politicians from City to County, and from State Capitols to DC. Which also means we have paid for all DOD equipment, weapons, and ammunition, paid their salaries and those of the war industry as well.

To a large degree, we finance the United Nations. We also give handouts to struggling countries from South and Central America to Africa to Asia and more. All funded by Us. And many of those countries hope to become economically successful upon our payments to them.

Others only feed off us.


And it rests in the hands of We the Working People, alone.

And it can become a weapon at any time, upon our decision.

And that is what the titans of industry and politicians at all levels fear more than anything else.

To be exact: They fear the Day that We the Working People come to fully understand the power of our Wallets.

And so, it raises the question: To shut or not to shut our wallets?

Already attendance at NFL games has fallen. What would happen if we closed our wallets?

Mega-corporations would turn to dusty old relics.

Which ones would fall should our wallets close?

Let’s see. There’s Google, Facebook, Twitter, NFL, Hollywood (the movie industry), MSNBC, HBO, Showtime, Apple, Microsoft, and CNN, and much more.

Now, what of Government?

How to do that I’ve written up in my novel Once-Other. What I’ve written there is practical, adds to and follows on from what’s written here. It fully embraces the Constitution of the United States and then ironclads it against the attacks currently underway. And that defense is in the hands of We the People fully, and in our hands only as never before.

Yes, I’ve been asked, “Why did you write such important political information and tactics for We the Working People into a novel?”

Answer: “Because no DC Swamp Critter will ever believe their power as a ruling class can be endangered via a novel. Even if they were to read this here, or read every page of Once-Other; they will still not believe it. They never will, right up to the day we take back control by using what’s in Once-Other.”

Alert! We barely won this last time.

Another has said to me, “If our Founding Fathers were here today, what’s written in Once-Other is what they would do.”

It is up to each of us to find out if that is true or not.

So: To shut or not to shut our wallets? That is the question.

Would you want the power of what’s in Once-Other in the hands of We the Voters?

And here in the end, a comment: A Free Market system and Capitalism are not the same economic system.

Currently, they live together in one economy.

Under Socialism, Capitalism will vanish overnight.

Once-Other is available at all online stores.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Lawrence Nysschens

Lawrence M. Nysschens: Lawrence emigrated legally to the USA in 1989. Due to the expansion of Socialism (Liberalism) in the USA he now writes fiction that integrates practical political solutions to be done by the People. Lawrence senses we are on the brink of Taxation without Representation and that those addicted to Big Government are the problem. His novels that address this say so up front. Once-Other is the first one.


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